How to disappoint your family at Thanksgiving

The time of year has come. Everyone’s favorite awkward Holiday Season. You know, the whole “what have you accomplished since last Thanksgiving?” conversation.

Some of us have been able to escape the annual Thanksgiving melee, due to COVID regulations, but some – myself included – will experience the hell, but only this time, virtually.

Twitter has jumped on the bandwagon on how to escape family conversations. What the hell, 2020 has pulled out the side of us that really doesn’t care about who we offend at this point.

Users online did not hold back, expressing that a stay at home holiday might be the best Thanksgiving we’ve had. In the meantime, here’s a list of things that Twitter users shared to help you escape forced family interactions with the hashtag #Dissapointyourfamilyin5words.

Honestly rather than inciting disappointment the above pic may just induce table vomiting more than a dry turkey.

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Happy Thanksgiving from Reel 360.


Jessica Velle is writer from Los Angeles, CA. She focuses on shining a light on culturally diverse stories.