Hormel, BBDO launch Black label bacon-scented mask

As Americans (looking at you Orange County, Florida and Texas) continue to debate the effectiveness of face masks, there is still one thing nearly everyone can agree on: Bacon is delicious. Which is why BBDO Minneapolis partnered with the makers of Hormel Black Label Bacon to introduce Hormel Black Label Breathable Bacon.

This ain’t just another face mask, it’s a bacon-scented, two-ply, multi-fiber cloth for your face.

Now through October 28, bacon lovers, of which the Reel 360 counts themselves very much a part of, can go to www.BreathableBacon.com and enter for their chance to receive a free, limited edition package of Hormel Black Label Breathable Bacon.

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“This is the most delicious smelling way to stay safe, especially while out shopping at the grocery store for the delicious thing you’re smelling,” said David Mackereth, Creative Director.

Through this latest bacon-novation, perhaps Americans will find common ground — If they can agree on eating bacon, maybe they can agree on inhaling it. Probably not. But at least give it an A++ for effort.


CLIENT: Hormel Foods

  • Marketing Director: Amy Sand
  • Senior Brand Manager: Nick Schweitzer
  • Associate Brand Manager: John Hernandez

AGENCY: BBDO Minneapolis

  • Executive Creative Director: Tim Mattimore
  • Creative Directors: David Mackereth, Nathalia Resende
  • Art Directors: Meghan Rongitsch, Brit Ryan
  • Copywriters: Matthew Cermak, Joanna Stubbins
  • Production Designers: Chelsea Siegfried, Karen Hanson
  • Producer: Peter McLarnan
  • Project Management: Jessica Teigen
  • SVP Group Account Director: Ali Siviter
  • Account Director: Kelli Bovin
  • Planning Director: Theo Schweitz
  • Account Executive: Nora Kubiaczyk


Director, Editor: David Holmdahl


SOURCE: Minneapolis Egotist