Hormel, BBDO launch Black label bacon-scented mask

As Americans (looking at you Orange County, Florida and Texas) continue to debate the effectiveness of face masks, there is still one thing nearly everyone can agree on: Bacon is delicious. Which is why BBDO Minneapolis partnered with the makers of Hormel Black Label Bacon to introduce Hormel Black Label Breathable Bacon. This ain’t just … Continue reading “Hormel, BBDO launch Black label bacon-scented mask”

Hormel brings the chill to chili in new campaign

The new Hormel Chili campaign aims to bring people together by sharing food that promotes a good time. Created by BBDO Minneapolis and launched on January 20th, the spots feature real life moments where people could use an easy dinner upgrade to their typical dinner routine. Once they taste the Hormel Chili, they’re hit with … Continue reading “Hormel brings the chill to chili in new campaign”

Hormel wants to add a little pep to pizza lovers’ lives

Hormel Pepperoni announced yesterday the launch of their new national campaign, “Think it up. Make it up. Pep it up!” According to a statement from the company in a press release, the campaign, created by BBDO Minneapolis, hopes to inspire pepperoni lovers to, “think outside the pizza pie by reminding them of all the fun … Continue reading “Hormel wants to add a little pep to pizza lovers’ lives”

Planters Brand suits up for Big Game

The Planters brand is headed to Super Bowl LVII with a national in-game ad featuring the iconic Mr. Peanut. This marks the first return to the Super Bowl stage for Mr. Peanut since his dramatic appearance and rebirth as Baby Nut in 2020.  This year’s ad will show a lighter side of the company’s beloved mascot, … Continue reading “Planters Brand suits up for Big Game”

SPAM and BBDO bring us a Figgy Christmas

To celebrate the joyous holiday season, the makers of SPAM are bringing back a forgotten Christmas flavor with the launch of its limited-edition SPAM Figgy Pudding.  Most Americans only know figgy pudding from the classic holiday song We Wish you a Merry Christmas, so to launch the limited-time flavor SPAM Figgy Pudding, the song was … Continue reading “SPAM and BBDO bring us a Figgy Christmas”

Planters “shellabrates” the holiday nut bowl

This season, Mr. Peanut is bringing Planters nuts to the center of holiday gatherings with new, decadent, limited-edition treats and returning holiday classics. The makers of the Planters brand have something to please every snack nut fan, including: New Planters Butter Cinnamon Pecans are a perfect indulgent snack. Each pecan delivers a touch of sweet … Continue reading “Planters “shellabrates” the holiday nut bowl”

Happy 85th bday to Spam

Spam-Spam-Spam-Spam! We ain’t talking about annoying emails or texts Gen-Z. The Spam brand has sizzled in millions of kitchens since it was first introduced on July 5, 1937. Spam has evolved from a wartime delicacy to a trending ingredient on TikTok, a 16,000-square-foot museum, a celebrity chef staple, an annual Hawaiian street festival and so much … Continue reading “Happy 85th bday to Spam”

Planters returns to Super Bowl with two nuts – Ken Jeong, Joel McHale

We are three weeks from the Super Bowl, hopefully, a match-up between the Kansas City Chiefs and the L.A. Rams. Now, the maker of the Planters is returning to the Big Game. This year, the brand is teaming up with comedic duo Ken Jeong and Joel McHale to feed the debate of how America eats Planters Deluxe Mixed Nuts — … Continue reading “Planters returns to Super Bowl with two nuts – Ken Jeong, Joel McHale”

Colle McVoy adds two ECDs to Creative Department

Our friends at Colle McVoy announced today that two new executive creative directors will help lead its creative department as the agency prepares for double-digit growth in 2022. Gil Muiños has joined the agency as executive creative director (ECD) and Dustin Black has been promoted to ECD. Both will help accelerate the agency’s growth and transformation by … Continue reading “Colle McVoy adds two ECDs to Creative Department”

Planters “shellabrates” the holidays with Reginald VelJohnson

Beloved actor Reginald VelJohnson has his best team up since Bruce Willis and Urkel. The maker of the Planters brand and Mr. Peanut are feeling particularly nutstalgic this holiday season after many families spent a year apart and are teaming up with VelJohnson to shellebrate being able to come together again with loved ones for … Continue reading “Planters “shellabrates” the holidays with Reginald VelJohnson”

Skippy Peanut Butter creates oasis on “Animal Crossing”

Arguably one of 2020’s most popular pastimes, Nintendo’s “Animal Crossing: New Horizons,” has sold 14.3 million copies since its March release. The handheld game, in which users build their own virtual islands, quickly became a hit as players looked for a form of escapism while stuck indoors.  Now Skippy Peanut Butter, with the help of creative partner BBDO … Continue reading “Skippy Peanut Butter creates oasis on “Animal Crossing””

Forget finding your Happy Spot, try the Skippy Place

From time to time, it’s good to be reminded that no matter what you’ve got going on, you deserve to give yourself a little break. A little escape from reality. Even if it’s only for a moment. And even if it’s only with something as simple as a snack. Yaaas. The new campaign from Hormel … Continue reading “Forget finding your Happy Spot, try the Skippy Place”

OpenTable PSAs remind us about Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the biggest dining holiday of the year. And, as most unintentionally flaky dates know, planning is key. With the most restaurants of any booking app, OpenTable has a ton of data — data that comes in handy when you’re trying to score that perfect Valentine’s Day reservation. Carmichael Lynch put that data … Continue reading “OpenTable PSAs remind us about Valentine’s Day”

Watch Avocados Super Bowl spot w/ Molly Ringwald

No more teases. Energy BBDO and Avocados from Mexico have released the full :30-second spot which will run on the Super Bowl and a :60-second version which will run online on YouTube. Both star Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink and Riverdale star, Molly Ringwald. Titled “The Avocados From Mexico Shopping Network,” it’s a spin-off of your … Continue reading “Watch Avocados Super Bowl spot w/ Molly Ringwald”

Petco wants to “clean house” of artificial ingredients

San Diego-based Petco today launched “Cleaning House,” a poignant marketing campaign that brings to life the company’s recent commitment to becoming the first and only major pet food retailer to remove artificial ingredients in dog and cat foods by May 2019. The term “artificial ingredients” means any substance which is not derived from a spice, … Continue reading “Petco wants to “clean house” of artificial ingredients”

mcgarrybowen campaign lets the hot dogs out

Hot on the heels of Kraft Heinz’s removal of all questionable ingredients from their Oscar Mayer hot dog line — including nitrates, nitrites, by-products and other artificial preservatives — the food giant has launched a new ad campaign via mcgarrybowen, Chicago.

The goal: to get every American, from coast-to-coast, to try their new signature product. Dubbed For the Love of Hot Dogs, the campaign, which began May 1, was developed to reignite interest in the official food of summer.