Camp Lucky promotes Jake Odgers

(Courtesy Camp Lucky)

Camp Lucky has announced that Jake Odgers has been promoted to Designer/VFX Artist. Jake enjoys design for the blend of technical problem-solving and creative storytelling that stretches as far as the imagination.

He has lent his passion and talent to projects for JCPenney, TGI Friday’s, Yeti, Mongoose, and P.F. Chang’s.

“Jake is incredibly talented, and always willing to go the extra mile in creating beautiful, playful, and compelling work,” says Camp Lucky Lead Designer Seth Olson. “He is a wildly creative person who has exceptional technical skills and is committed to the craft. I am excited to watch him shine.” 

Storytelling has been a part of Jake’s life since early childhood with creative writing as his first medium. Each layer of experience, including his past work as an editor, informs his approach. At Camp Lucky, he finds himself in the company of other creative explorers. 


“I’m so excited to continue this journey with Camp Lucky,” shares Odgers. “They have been instrumental in fostering my growth and passion for motion design, and it is so much fun to work alongside colleagues who are continually pushing each other to new creative heights. I’m looking forward to pushing those boundaries even further.”

Born in Oklahoma, Jake’s path to design is unconventional; while studying journalism, he began editing and quickly found his passion for post’s impact on story structure, mood and tone. After a brief tenure at FCB’s in-house post-studio, he moved to his wife’s hometown of Dallas, where he joined Camp Lucky. 

An insatiable appetite for learning new techniques, along with the desire to play with form and narrative through motion media, set Jake on his path to become a full-fledged designer. His influences and inspirations come in many forms and from many places – from gaming to hip hop, design on and off screen, color relationships, and film – especially artful main titles.

View a selection of his work hereReel 360 News wishes Jake the best of luck in his new role.

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