AXE refreshes dating game with creative from Martin

(New AXE work from Martin Agency)

Heard of The New AXE Effect? How could you if it’s just getting introduced? The #1 men’s fragrance brand in the world, is refreshing the dating game with a new :60 global ad spot, “The Walk,” that illustrates how guys can spark attraction anywhere.

The brand is committed to sparking attraction for all by breaking down barriers that exist in the dating world. From dealing with first-date jitters to struggling with self-doubt, AXE is here to help guys feel the charge of attraction. The New AXE Effect empowers guys to have the confidence to spark attraction by feeling and smelling their best.

“The Walk,” which was created by The Martin Agency, envisions a world transformed by confidence and irresistible scent. In essence, the new work is a reflection of the brand’s latest campaign, “The New AXE Effect,” which embodies the belief that attraction is for everyone and between anyone. 

If you’re into it and they’re into it, AXE is into it. Watch the new creative below:

“We know guys everywhere can relate to the desire to put their best foot forward in the dating game,” said Mark Lodwick, AXE Brand Director. “The New Effect shows the evolution of our past creative and gives our guys the opportunity to smell good and feel confident so they’re ready for all possibilities of attraction.”

How AXE Will Attract New Consumers

All elements – from casting to music selection and graphics – were inspired to resonate with this generation of men who are notoriously open minded when it comes to attraction. 

Along with “The Walk,” the 360-degree campaign will roll out a slew of new content, packaging graphics and cutting-edge product technology.

AXE has also partnered with award-winning graffiti artist Ben Tallon to update all AXE packaging. Tallon’s unique street style and keen understanding of culture made him the perfect choice to manifest the brand’s personality via bold graffiti artwork designs that complements AXE iconic scents.

To emphasize that smelling good with AXE iconic fragrances leads to feeling good, the brand is innovating their body spray, antiperspirant, deodorant and body wash lines. AXE’s proprietary Dual Action technology works simultaneously to bust odor and boost irresistible fragrance.