A first aid course teaches every life is worth saving

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In 2022, the news cycle is a stark daily reminder that not every life is valued the same. Bank BNP Paribas, the Red Cross, and VMLY&R Poland saw a unique moment in time to inspire the world to change.

They created First Aid for Humanity, a first aid training course aiming to teach participants, and beyond, that every life is worth saving. They used dummies that look like real people who often face biases and discrimination in the Polish society: Grzegorz, a homeless man; Khedi, a Muslim refugee, and Krzysztof “Leon,” a genderqueer activist.

Why Poland?

According to the Polish Center for Research on Prejudice, 80% of Poles do not know any Muslims, however, the majority of Poles have a negative attitude towards the group and feel threatened by them.
The country is also the worst in the EU for LGBT people, says Rainbow Map, ILGA-Europe.

During the course, 24 people learned life-saving skills with the unusual dummies which caused fear, anxiety and curiosity. Participants had to see past differences and confront their prejudices to learn to save a life.

At the end of the course, the participants had the opportunity to meet with the people who inspired the dummies and hear their stories; ultimately starting to close the empathy gap. Watch below:

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“With our social experiment, we wanted to check whether we are able to help every person, regardless of their origin, religion, gender identity or social situation. Our participants confronted their beliefs to the poignant stories of our heroes. First aid is necessary in crises and everyday life alike. The need to provide it may arise suddenly and affect all of us,” says Dariusz Maciołek, CMO, Bank BNP Paribas.

“As the world shows incredible generosity, reports of discrimination keep emerging, and news outlets are called out daily for their biased coverage. I believe this initiative takes us out of our comfort zone to show the inhumanity of our empathy gap,” added Dawid Szczepaniak, Poland CCO, VMLY&R.

“I believe First Aid for Humanity will help people overcome their prejudices and reinforce the right attitudes in society,” said Michal Mikolajczyk, President of the Polish Red Cross in Mazovia.

The recording of First Aid for Humanity will become official training material for the Polish Red Cross. It will be used at first aid events or campaigns and will be available in Polish schools teaming up with the organization.

First Aid for Humanity is supported by a fully integrated campaign and will be live from today across social media, TV and cinema. It is also supported by Maciej Stuhr, a renowned Polish actor and comedian, Ane Pizl, a medical rescuer, educator and LGBTQIA activist, and Sylwia Chutnik, a Polish novelist and social activist, among others.


CLIENT: Polish Red Cross

  • President of the Polish Red Cross in Mazovia: Michal Mikolajczyk
  • Director of the Polish Red Cross in Mazovia: Honorata Krzywon
  • Head of Communication and Fundraising Division: Malgorzata Szukala
  • Lead Region Coordinator: Agnieszka Skura

CLIENT: Bank BNP Paribas

  • CMO: Dariusz Maciolek
  • Brand Strategy and Activation Director: Malgorzata Wasiuk
  • Brand Strategy Expert: Agnieszka Paczuska
  • Social Media Expert: Aleksandra Lecka-Maniak


  • Chief Creative Officer Europe: Jaime Mandelbaum
  • Chief Creative Officer: Dawid Szczepaniak
  • Regional Creative Director: Piotr Osinski
  • Senior Copywriter: Adam Sierocinski
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  • Senior Strategy Director: Anna Klamecka
  • Senior Strategic Planner: Mateusz Cukierski
  • Business Director: Agnieszka Winnik-Jaworska
  • Head of PR & Communications: Lukasz Majewski
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  • Head of TV/Multimedia Production: Magda Dzieniesiewicz
  • Account Director: Agata Szybilska-Czech
  • Account Manager: Karolina Abramowicz
  • Account Executive: Antoni Ciszewski
  • Influencers Lead: Malgorzata Slychan

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Warsaw Witches Association

  • Director: Krzysztof Kiziewicz
  • Director: Maciej Szupica
  • DOP: Jakub Burakiewicz
  • Edit: Tomasz Marjan Naruszewicz
  • Producer: Marta Berens


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