Ukrainian agency Drama Queen launches anti-war charity

Drama Queen
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On February 24th, Russia launched an unprovoked attack against Ukraine. Since the first days of the brutal war, the globe has reacted with compassion and horror, raising money to help the country of 44.13 million resist Putin’s madness.

With the war escalating and Putin committing what has been declared globally as “war crimes,” Ukraine is of course seeking assistance from anywhere. Drama Queen, a Kyiv-based agency, switched its focus from commercial clients to social projects helping their country resist.

Aid Legion was created by Drama Queen in 3 weeks. It is a charity that delivers aid from across the World to the Ukrainian defenders and civilians displaced by the war.

While the media has delivered terrifying photos with pleas to save Ukraine, Drama Queen chose the opposite strategy for the Aid Legion. The team decided to make a no-drama foundation. the feeling here is optimistic, strong, bold, and even a little ironic. The creatives refused to evoke horror and pity. Au contraire, they asked not to SAVE UKRAINE but to FIGHT WITH UKRAINE shoulder to shoulder.

The first creative actually takes a fun approach to a serious situation by comparing the war to Avengers: Endgame and Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. “Please finish your coffee,” —  it says. “No need to give up on your life, get depressed or take up the grandpa’s gun. Instead, donate! Donation is your best weapon in this fight for freedom and humanity” — the insight they used for the video explainer.  “Finally, you can be like Gandalf. But for real.”

A second video is called, “Casual War.” It reveals an awkward truth. When the first shock fades away, every new war becomes “just another war somewhere far away” for most people from peaceful countries. So it urges: “Don’t let this war be a casual war.”

“Being sad, giving up on your daily routines, or calling Putin” are inefficient ways to support Ukraine. Helping Aid Legion in any way possible helps much more,” says a third video looking at dos and don’ts:

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The agency used the same inspiring and slightly ironic tone of voice for the foundation’s digital and social communications. They are sharing only the most optimistic news from Ukraine, celebrating the successful charity projects, and encouraging followers to stand on the light side, like Skywalker, but this time for real.Below is an example from Aid Legion’s Instagram page.

Even though the agency’s team is scattered across western Ukraine and other parts of the globe, they’re united like all Ukrainians.

“We meet in Zoom often like never before. To support each other, cry together, or celebrate our small victories. Gradually, we’re getting back to our normal work rhythm, as much as it’s possible (in the present situation),” says Anna Goncharova, the Creative Director.

Like most creative agencies in Ukraine, Drama Queen makes social projects to help their country. At the same time, they’re open to working with foreign companies too. The agency already has a couple of successful international projects in its portfolio and is hungry for more. To learn more about Aid Legionm click here.

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