Video: Denzel takes us BTS of ‘The Little Things’

Academy Award winner Denzel Washington’s new psychological thriller The Little Things led the domestic box office charts for a second weekend in a row, pulling in $2.1 million in its second weekend of release while simultaneously streaming on HBO Max. Directed by John Lee Hancock, the film takes place in October 1990. Kern County Sheriff’s … Continue reading “Video: Denzel takes us BTS of ‘The Little Things’”

A wrap? Producer Scott Rudin’s unhinged behavior

For the past few years the climate in Hollywood (among many other cities and industries) has been evolving from sexist and toxic work environments to more transparent, harmonious, and inclusive. After allegations against the likes of Harvey Weinstein and Joss Whedon have been coming to light we are now hearing more shocking allegations against others. … Continue reading “A wrap? Producer Scott Rudin’s unhinged behavior”

‘Nomadland’ takes top prize at Producers Guild Awards

As begin to place our bets on what will win at the Oscars, we now have two pretty safe wagers – Ma Rainey’s Chadwick Boseman for Best Actor and now, Nomadland for Best Picture. The Producers Guild of America Awards awarded Chloé Zhao’s opus with their top prize. The film rode past Emerald Fennell’s Promising … Continue reading “‘Nomadland’ takes top prize at Producers Guild Awards”

Post-COVID, some pandemic-policies should stick around

2020 was an incredibly challenging year for production, across advertising, TV and film. These teams are not considered essential workers, neither federally nor on state levels. Thus, when the country was on complete lockdown, there was a 3-4 month period with essentially no work, which caused great hardships for production companies, thousands of crew members, … Continue reading “Post-COVID, some pandemic-policies should stick around”

Indian-American Sheila Houlahan in ‘Little Things’

Indian-American actress and singer Sheila Houlahan has an upcoming supporting role in the Warner Bros. feature film The Little Things opposite Academy Award winners Denzel Washington, Rami Malek and Jared Leto, which is set for release on HBO Max and theaters on January 29. The film was written and directed by John Lee Hancock of The Blind Side. Additionally, Sheila had major roles in … Continue reading “Indian-American Sheila Houlahan in ‘Little Things’”

ADCOLOR announces noms for 14th annual awards

ADCOLOR announced the nominees and honorees for the 14th Annual ADCOLOR Awards. Since 2007, the awards have highlighted and honored the achievements of diverse communities in the advertising, marketing, PR, media and entertainment industries. They recognize those who go above and beyond to make a difference and embody the organization’s call to “Rise Up, Reach Back.” … Continue reading “ADCOLOR announces noms for 14th annual awards”

CBS orders Queen Latifah reboot of ‘The Equalizer’

Okay then. The Reel 360 team is ready to see Queen Latifah, whom we love, kick some ass. CBS announced the return of 23 series, renewing 80% of its top-rated lineup for the 2020-2021 broadcast season. Three series picked up without shooting a pilot, due to coronavirus COVID-19, include: THE EQUALIZER is a reimagining of the … Continue reading “CBS orders Queen Latifah reboot of ‘The Equalizer’”

Run! ‘Book of Eli’ director to remake ‘The Fugitive’

Let me just start out by saying I like Albert Hughes. I thought the Denzel Washington starrer, Book of Eli, while forgettable, was solid entertainment. I also thought Menace II Society (created with brother Alan) was great for its time. That said, 1993’s The Fugitive is a perfect movie. Let me say it again, THE … Continue reading “Run! ‘Book of Eli’ director to remake ‘The Fugitive’”

‘Les Misérables’ charges Colcoa opening night audience

The annual City of Lights, City of Angels Film Festival got off to thought-provoking and impressive start with the debut of Ladj Ly’s politically-charged film, Les Misérables. The film is part Training Day (the Denzel Washington classic), part Victor Hugo classic and all nightmarish. The film, which made its U.S. premiere on Monday, September 23 … Continue reading “‘Les Misérables’ charges Colcoa opening night audience”

Oscars 2018: Colin Costello’s winning picks

Awards season, which Reel Chicago has been covering all along, finally comes to its climax with the broadcast of the 90th Academy Awards on Sunday night. Amid the glamour, the Jimmy Kimmel jokes, the expected #metoo and #TimesUP speeches, and the sleep-inducing running time, there will be awards given out. Twenty-four, to be specific. After … Continue reading “Oscars 2018: Colin Costello’s winning picks”

AFI Closes with tribute to Aaron Sorkin

The 50th annual American Film Institute Festival came to a resounding close last Thursday night with a moving tribute at The Chinese Theater for writer/director Aaron Sorkin and his new (and directorial debut) film, Molly’s Game. AFI programming director, Jacqueline Lyanga, kicked off the tribute with a moving speech. “As Sorkin embarks on this next … Continue reading “AFI Closes with tribute to Aaron Sorkin”