Zack Snyder shows Superman in black suit

(Superman is back)

In the infamous Death of Superman DC comic book run, which ran from 1992-1993, Superman wore a black Kryptonian suit when he was eventually resurrected. So, it was always assumed when the “Boy in Blue” (Henry Cavill) would return in Justice League (2017) he would sport a similar outfit. He did not. Instead we got a poorly removed mustache and an even worse CGI upper lip.

With Zack Snyder’s Justice League premiering next year on HBO Max, the director is hoping to rectify everything that made fan boys and fan girls’ eyes burn from the Joss Whedon debacle.

During today’s Justice Con event streamed live on YouTube, Snyder shared a brief clip from his cut of Justice League with Henry Cavill’s Superman decked out in his black superhero suit. 

The brief scene features Alfred (Jeremy Irons) having a drink and tinkering with one of the Wayne cars, and then Supes arrives. Watch below:

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Snyder explained that this scene was shot with Cavill in the red and blue suit because the studio wasn’t on board with him wearing the black version. However, the director did tests at the time to check if it would be possible to change it down the line (which he’s now been able to do). 

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He also confirmed that the movie’s official title and a teaser trailer will be revealed during the DC FanDome event taking place next month, so there’s clearly a lot more to come very soon.

SOURCE: Justice Con

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