Zack Snyder shares new Steppenwolf preview

If your villain sucks, in both personality and look, then chances are the film will suck, too. That was the case with the Joss Whedon (the theatrical cut) version of Justice League. Villain Steppenwolf, who reports to Apokolips despot Darkseid was pretty terrible in both his look and goal

This was especially surprising since Whedon did direct the first two Avenger films for Marvel and both Loki and Ultron were effective antagonists.

However, Steppenwolf was laughable in his overly CGI design. And he didn’t look anywhere near as formidable as when Zack Snyder revealed him in an end scene of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Steppenwolf in Whedon’s Justice League

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Now, Snyder is getting to share his vision for Justice League courtesy of HBO Max, and while a trailer for the “Snyder Cut” is set to be revealed at DC FanDome, the filmmaker has shared a huge tease on Vero today. As you can see below, this original version of Steppenwolf is quite a bit more formidable.

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While this is a low-res shot, it’s clear that the Steppenwolf in Zack Snyder’s Justice League will look a lot more in line with what we’ve seen in concept art.

Badass and a worthy foe of the League.



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