We Are Royale creates spot within world of Valorant


Have you played Valorant from Riot Games. Their first new IP after ten years of League of Legends, it’s a new character-based tactical shooter game. Users play for free but can opt to purchase cosmetic packs that include some pretty rad weapon skins and finishers.

This is huge step into a new genre for the company. To reveal their latest lineup, Glitchpop, Riot needed an equally cool video spot. The concept: create an advertisement for the weapon line existing within Valorant as if it were sent from a future world obsessed with over-the-top branding. The feel: glitchy, spastic, marketing-as-content overload that highlights the colorful but deadly finishers.

The company turned to creative and digital production company We Are Royale (WAR). The effort comes on the heels of Valorant’s smashing June 2nd debut and introduces the playful-yet-deadly aesthetic weapon skin line, “Glitchpop.”

The spot centers around the kawaii Cyberpunk mascot, nicknamed “Noodle Girl” by the creative team, with additional stickers coming to life to tour the weapons and show off gameplay.

Watch it below:

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“We began with a bombastic, hyper-busy waipu aesthetic – kinda like walking through Tokyo’s Shibuya crossing at night while microdosing psilocybin (not that we would know),” says a statement on WAR’s website.

The spot functions like a commercial within the world of Valorant, introducing a colorful cyberpunk-themed selection of weapon skins offered in the game. If heads are not already spun by the shotgun-loving bunnies, things go full-on meta when the Glitchpop advert is briefly interrupted by a fictional Monster Burger commercial, as well as some soothing images of cats, horses, and…toast.

In order to live up to the chaos promised in their script, WAR deployed separate teams working to one up each other on different scenes and elevating Riot’s assets. From CG artists and cel animators, to 2D graphics and designers, it was a massive sprint to bring the project together.

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The collaboration continues Riot Games and WAR’s long-standing relationship. Understandable, as once again WAR clearly brought its penchant for vibrant animation and experience to help promote and brand the video game.