VMLY&R launches a sweet campaign for Driscoll’s

(New campaign for Driscoll’s from VMLY&R)

Led by agency VMLY&R, Driscoll’s has launched a new campaign that encourages people to tap into the joy they feel when sharing and enjoying fresh berries.  The agency has been working on the brand since 2018.

Dubbed, “Sweetness Worth Sharing,” Driscoll’s and VMLY&R turned the production limitations imposed by the pandemic into an opportunity to refresh the brand’s approach to lifestyle photography.

Instead of a standard remote shoot with professional talent, the team engaged five professional photographers, including a husband and wife team, to capture their own families sharing and enjoying Driscoll’s berries over a three-week period.

Clever… very clever.

The result was a new library of lifestyle assets showcasing real and diverse families sharing precious moments along with Driscoll’s berries.

The work captures authentic slices of life from real families that reflect the happiness in everyday moments, like a father and daughter making a sweet evening treat or a parent and baby embracing a memorable mess. 

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This approach enabled a more authentic creative direction, capturing real families who align with the brand’s core audience segments. Ultimately, over 7,000 photos were produced in intimate family moments, resulting in a significant new asset library that the brand hopes consumers will relate to. 

Eric Baumgartner

“VMLY&R is always excited for the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with the team at Driscoll’s to revolutionize the way a brand engages with consumers,” said Eric Baumgartner, executive vice president, VMLY&R West. “The Sweetness Worth Sharing campaign is about getting to the heart of what makes Driscoll’s so special.

Driscoll’s and VMLY&R teamed up with director Marcus Tortorici and Voyager films. The output resulted in a number of film assets cut down to several 30, :15 and six-second-long videos, which will run on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. The :30 cut will also be running across connected TV.

Leveraging its one-of-a-kind research and development team dedicated to superior flavor, the campaign name, Sweetness Worth Sharing, pays tribute to Driscoll’s constant pursuit of delivering the most flavorful berries, while also highlighting the sweet joy shared in moments spent together.

“Driscoll’s continues our brand journey to expand beyond our functional promise of a great tasting berry,” said Frances Dillard, senior director of brand and product marketing at Driscoll’s. “Sweetness Worth Sharing showcases sweet, everyday sharing moments that underscore the emotional connections that our berries spark.”

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The campaign will run across Driscoll’s social channels and on connected TV from this week.