Union: Editor Justin “Q” Quagliata joins roster


Editor Justin Quagliata, whose work has been honored with the Cannes Grand Prix For Good, as well as D&AD, AICP, Webby Awards, and more, has joined bicoastal Union Editorial.

Known for nearly two decades as “Q,” he recently edited E*Trade’s return to the Super Bowl – “Workout” – created via Mullen Lowe, directed by Smuggler’s Randy Krallman, and featuring the theme from The Karate Kid.

Other notable work includes March for Our Lives “Generation Lockdown” (via McCann, directed by Hungry Man’s Brian Buckley) and a diverse campaign for JBL (via Doner/Detroit, directed by frequent collaborator Brian Billow of O Positive).

Q recently cut the maiden campaign for Rhythm Energy, created via Mojo Supermarket and helmed by The Director Brothers of Bullitt. Previous affiliations include NO6 and Cosmo Street.

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“As a boutique that has found success in both long and short form editorial, Union is unique in our business,” Q observed. “I’m thrilled to be on board for the next chapter in Union’s story, and I can’t wait to make my mark here.”

“The timing was perfect to welcome Q into the family. I have been a fan for a long time and we knew this would be a really good fit,” said Union Partner/Managing Director Caryn Maclean, who presides over the company with Partner/Managing Director Michael Raimondi, Executive Producer Joe Ross in LA, Executive Producer Melissa Lubin in NY, and Executive Producer Vicki Russell in Austin. 

After graduating from University of Iowa, where he studied film, journalism, and communications, Q decided to pursue the craft of film editing. “I wish I could say it was the Kurosawa and Ingmar Bergman double feature I saw as a child that moved me to want to study film,” he mused. “It was Die Hard. I saw it 13 times in the theater… as a 12 year old. Nothing was the same for me after that.”

Q began his career in Chicago, but moved home to New York and eventually found his way to Cosmo Street. He joined NO6 in 2010. With celebrated projects such as March for Our Lives “Generation Lockdown” (a Cannes Grand Prix For Good, British Arrows Gold and Silver, Clio Silver, AICP Next Award, and Webby Award winner, co-edited with Jason MacDonald) and a Defy The Name Anti-Bullying PSA (D&AD Wood Pencil, Clio Shortlist, AICP, Webby Award) filling his ever-growing resume, Q remains humbled by the opportunity and an indefatigable work ethic. 

“I believe that I haven’t yet done my best work and never want to put on airs when so many others have done so much more,” Q concluded. “I’m pushing every day to get to where that 12-year-old version of me will be impressed by what I do for a living. He’s got very high standards since he’s judging everything I do against Die Hard.