Get ready for 53 hours live streaming of the Tostitos bowl


Move over Yule log. There is now a bowl of Tostitos.

Not to eat, but to watch… get eaten… and refilled… and eaten. You get the idea.

Yes, this is the first-ever #TostitosLiveBowl, the first-of-its-kind livestream of a tortilla chip bowl streaming straight from Atlanta, the home of Super Bowl LIII.

The Frito-lay brand which is,”the Official Chip & Dip of the Super Bowl,” is out to officially set the unofficial world record for the longest livestream of a tortilla chip bowl — 53 consecutive hours in celebration of Super Bowl LIII (53).

The bowl will be hosted at the Tostitos Cantina at Super Bowl Live in Atlanta, where not only regular fans will be chipping and dipping, but current and former NFL legends are slated to show off their chip & dips skills via the livestream: such as Barry Sanders, Dak Prescott, Matt Ryan, Baker Mayfield, Tony Gonzalez and more.

The snack brand released a series of digital spots featuring former NFL great Shannon Sharpe serving up “Public Address Announcements” for your gameday get-togethers. And earlier this season Tostitos kicked off “For Every Kind of Fan” with a series of TV and digital spots.

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The bowl will be regularly refilled, and various Tostitos flavors can be requested by fans commenting on the livestream.

If it receives 53 comments (yes, for Super Bowl 53) with the hashtag #TostitosLiveBowl, the immensely popular Tostitos Queso Blanco will be added as a dipping accompaniment.

The 53rd person (yes, another clever play on Super Bowl 53) to comment using #TostitosLiveBowl will win a jar of Queso Blanco.

If the chips receive 53 million comments (goals, right?) with the hashtag #TostitosLiveBowl, the 53-millionth commenter will win 53 bags of Tostitos.

Tune into the livestream on beginning 1:29 p.m. ET Friday, Feb. 1.

Who knows? This may be more exciting than watching the Rams and Patriots. As always, share your thoughts below.

Source: Tostitos