Simian elevates Thumbnail curation in media library

(Courtesy of Simian)

Global production asset management platform, Simian, has unveiled its latest feature, “Opposable Thumbs,” in the Media Library. This innovative addition empowers producers and sales representatives by allowing them to select multiple thumbnails for each spot or video, enhancing the process of curating gripping presentations for different projects.

With the catchy name “Opposable Thumbs,” this feature represents a significant leap in reel building. Users can now save multiple thumbnails for each individual spot and choose the one that best aligns with the needs of a specific pitch, be it related to techniques, content, product categories, and more.

Brian Atton, Chief Operating Officer at Simian, emphasized the crucial role thumbnails play in assembling showreels for directors, editors, and other production or post talents. “The role thumbnails play when assembling showreels for directors, editors or other production or post talents is deceptively important. Smart EPs and reps carefully curate their choice of spot thumbnails, looking for that perfect frame that suits the mood of the project in question, or captures a different ‘at a glance’ visual representation of what makes the spot – and the talent that produced it – stand out.”

“We’ve heard users say it would be great to be able to select different thumbnails for the same spot, without affecting other reels, so they can better meet the brief,” adds Simian Head of Sales Kellie Atton. “They know that if they’re not presenting a look at what their talent can do that matches what the job calls for, then it’s a harder sell. ‘Opposable Thumbs’ is going to make it much easier to interest prospects in watching spots assigned to multiple showreels — and they can do it without affecting the thumbnail that accompanies the same spot but on a different reel. It gives them great flexibility to use the same spot to chase two different assignments.”

“Opposable Thumbs” addresses a common user request, enabling the selection of different thumbnails for the same spot without affecting other reels. This flexibility allows producers and representatives to tailor thumbnails to meet the specific brief of a board, making it easier to interest prospects in watching spots assigned to multiple showreels.


Producers who had a preview of the feature expressed unanimous praise for its effectiveness. Bernadette Rivero, President of the live-action production company Cortez Brothers, noted that the feature opens up the potential to sell a director for different jobs using varied thumbnails for the same spot, calling it “brilliant.”

“Now I have the potential to sell my director for two entirely different jobs, let’s say for a tabletop spot as well as for a lifestyle project, using two different thumbnails for the same spot,” noted Rivero.

Roland Gauthier, EP and Partner at Hinge, a VFX, animation, and design studio in Portland, praised the multiple thumbnail feature for its effectiveness in targeting work to different clients, highlighting Simian’s attention to industry needs.

Agency producers also lauded the update, emphasizing its benefits in both creating reels for in-house needs and when reviewing reels submitted by production houses or post companies. The ability to focus on specific spots initially, aligning with the aesthetic arena of a project, provides a quick and effective way to identify variations during the editorial part of a project.

“Opposable Thumbs” is now available to all Simian users.

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