SATURDAY MORNING pens a manifesto for change

(Clockwise: Kwame Taylor-Hayford, Geoff Edwards, Keith Cartwright, Jayanta Jenkins)

When SATURDAY MORNING launched as a movement for peace to address and impact issues of racial injustice, they announced their mission with a letter. Today, in the wake of the brutal murders of George Floyd, Breonna Tayler and other unarmed African Americans, the 4-year-old creative coalition is once again making a powerful appeal.

The letter, which sets out the issues and challenges the four have faced and witnessed. begins, “Once again, we open this letter with the highest level of optimism, that this moment will bring about real change in the world. We have always believed that the true success of our organization can only be realized when SATURDAY MORNING no longer needs to exist.”

The extraordinary piece then goes on to address the ideal of “whiteness” and its beginnings and calling for an industry-wide redefining of it.

The creators of award-winning social change initiatives such as Peace BriefsThe Look and Spotify’s Black History is Happening Now are hoping the manifesto will resonate those looking for change. Read below:

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SATURDAY MORNING co-founders are Keith Cartwright, Geoff Edwards, Jayanta Jenkins and Kwame Taylor-Hayford.