RPA captures LGBTQ+ Teen struggles


Tomorrow, October 11, is National Coming Out Day and LA’s LGBT Center in partnership with creative agency RPA, has created a powerful and lovely video(s) highlighting how important family acceptance is toe the mental health and well-being of LGBTQ+ youth.

Directed by Station Film’s Lena Beug, the videos are divided into two parts, both using an emotional cover of a Tina Turner’s What’s Love Got to Do With It? performed by Rose Cousins.

The video puts parents at the center of the conversation around coming out and tells the story of teens who aren’t afforded the luxury of ‘stereotypical’ teenage heartbreak – heartbreak at the hands of an unrequited teenage crush or being left out of the “cool kid” club at school.

LGBTQ+ teens can experience an altogether different kind of heartbreak – that of their parents’ disappointment and rejection at their coming out.

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The story then fast-forwards to a more upbeat future, and we see the after-effect of parents who have learned ways to support, and simply love, their teen through the coming-out process.:

The video will live on the Los Angeles LGBT Center’s social channels and through donated media will be promoted on Twitter and shared by Team Liquid, and will air in select theatres throughout Los Angeles as well as on various TV and digital placements (all donated by Hulu, National CineMedia, Spectrum, Twitch, Twitter and Tubi).

Additionally, the Los Angeles LGBT Center will post behind-the-scenes videos featuring cast members’ coming-out stories.

The visuals shown are powerful, moving and real and that’s why this is our “Reel Ad of the Week.”

Client: Los Angeles LGBT Center
   Director of Marketing & Communications: Kelly Freter
   Director of Strategic Initiatives: Alan Acosta

Agency: RPA
   SVP/Chief, Creative Development: Jason Sperling
   CD/Copywriter: Krystle Mullin
   CD/Art Director: Ariel Shukert
   SVP/Director of Video Production: Isadora Chesler
   Associate Digital Producer: Wynt Curliano
   VP, Director Business Affairs: Maria Del Homme
   Business Affairs Manager: Bianca Villasenor
   Account Supervisor: Tyler Brockington
   Manager, Digital Strategy: Hanna Samad
   Supervisor, Digital Strategy: Tyler Sweeney
   Intern, Digital Strategy: Hannah Messner
   Intern, Art Direction: Ashley Cardwell
   VP/Director, Public Relations: Britt McColl
   Public Relations Supervisor: Sara Morgan

Production Company: Station Film
   Director: Lena Beug
   Executive Producer: Caroline Gibney
   Line Producer: Julie Lee
   DP: Wyatt Troll
   Casting Director: Shane Liem

Editorial: Union Editorial
   Editor “What’s Love”, NY: Christopher Huth
   Executive Producer, NY: Caryn Maclean
   Senior Producer, NY: Susan Motamed
   Assistant Editor, NY: Jean Taylor Cassidy
   Senior Producer, NY: Logan Aries
   Graphic Artist, LA: Mannix Rickenbacher
   Online Artist, LA: Carolyn Woods
   Sound Engineer Mixer, LA: Milos Zivkovic

“BTS/Auditions Social Content” Editor, LA:
   Managing Partner: Michael Raimondi
   Executive Producer, LA: Joe Ross
   Telecine: Electric Theatre Collective
   Telecine Artist, UK: Ruth Wardel
   Color Producer, UK: Oliver Whitworth
   Executive Producer, LA: Kate Hitchings
   Singer/Performance: Rose Cousins

   “What’s Love Got to do with it?” Terry Britten‎ & ‎Graham Lyle