Refinery launches audiovisual studio Turn 9

(l-r: Peter Frintrup, Brett Winn, Paul Robie)

Entertainment marketing agency The Refinery announces the launch of TURN 9, a full-service audiovisual (AV) finishing facility for motion pictures, TV shows, promos, commercials, branded content, video games, and interactive experiences.

The spinoff brand was born out of The Refinery’s award-winning post-production team, which has finished campaigns and projects for every major studio, network, and streaming service. From high-res picture finishing to immersive audio mixing to VFX & animation, TURN 9 is an all-in-one finishing resource to any brand, agency, or IP creator ready to get their project across the finish line. 

“From in-theater to social to streaming, the demand for content continues to explode,” says Brett Winn, Founding Partner of The Refinery. “We are launching TURN 9 to set a new standard in audiovisual excellence for the changing media landscape – now and into the future.” 

Work is already underway at TURN 9. The team just wrapped up a theatrical AV campaign for the horror film FEAR, which opened in theaters on January 27th. Contracted by Hidden Empire Film Group, the TURN 9 team provided finishing services for the official trailer, radio spots, digital and TV ads, and the red carpet premiere. 

“TURN 9 is an incredible partner,” remarks Joan LaDuca, a creative director with Hidden Empire Film Group. “They helped deliver a creative, high-quality campaign – on time and with top-notch communication!”

As an independent subsidiary, TURN 9 is purposefully detached from The Refinery to ensure competing agencies have a space to privately and securely produce IP for their own clients. 

Peter Frintrup to lead TURN 9

The Refinery has tapped Peter Frintrup as Co-Founder/Head of Finishing to lead TURN 9. Frintrup is a seasoned post-production executive who has supervised finishing projects for titles such as The Pianist, Pride & Prejudice, and Brokeback Mountain.

He joined The Refinery as Head of Post Production and then Head of Operations following an eight-year tenure at MOCEAN, where he supervised the finishing of main titles, trailers, and promos for Thor (Marvel); Borat (20th Century Fox); and The Dark Knight (Warner Bros.). 

“With Peter at the wheel of TURN 9, our client-focused values will carry over to the world of finishing,” remarks Winn. “Between his track record of launching successful finishing divisions, deep understanding of the filmmaking process, and passion for leveraging technology to be steps ahead of what’s next in content, Peter is the triple threat we needed to get TURN 9 off the ground.” 


TURN 9 is committed to the modern needs of clients. This is evident in the launch of their state-of-the-art Dolby Atmos surround-sound mixing room for truly immersive audio. The studio also features tools from Avid, Adobe, Dolby, and Blackmagic and delivers high-resolution picture finishing and color grading services, including 4K HDR.

“Technology is changing the dynamic of storytelling and how audiences experience media across multiple AV outlets,” says Frintrup. “We set up TURN 9 to be a nimble, scalable,  all-encompassing finishing operation for our clients with this exciting future in mind.”

Highly seasoned producers, colorists, and sound designers round out the TURN 9 team, highlighted by industry heavyweight Paul Robie, who brings decades of experience mixing for Fox, CBS, Amazon, and Nike. 

Winn, a die-hard motorsports enthusiast, says the TURN 9 namesake alludes to the last and most challenging turn at Willow Springs, his favorite racetrack. “TURN 9 represents seeing the finish line on the horizon and knowing that content creators, marketers, and distributors will get a first-place ‘finish’ for all of their creative AV needs supported by our top-notch team.”

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