RadicalMedia’s Kindrick directs video from fan footage

(New video from Will Kindrick)

Social distancing is forcing many in the film, TV, music and advertising industries to get creative with their creative. We just reported on SNL streaming an entire 90 minutes from cast members’ homes. Now comes Radicalmedia director Will Kindrick (director of the award-winning sci-fi short film STORM) and a new fan footage based music video for Chaz Cardigan’s hit single Not Ok! (Quarantine Edition).  

The video is a brilliant compilation of footage, featuring a variety of shot-at-home setups, clever split-screen shots, and 50+ fan submitted videos all directed via FaceTime and edited by Kindrick himself. 

How does one direct such a complicated and interactive shoot over FaceTime? Kindrick says, “I hopped on the phone and called a handful of friends and got to work. I would text them a sketch or clip of myself doing the action I needed with the exact framing, then they’d send back clips as I edited the footage in real time. I would have them resend multiple times until we got the framing just right. It was an interesting and unique process, but also really fun to see everything come together in real time!”

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Watch below:

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“Rather than just showing people dancing around in isolation, I wanted to show them interacting through split screens. The possibilities were endless, visually and emotionally,” Kindrick adds.

The video cleverly embraces the conditions uniting us all. 
Chaz Cardigan, known for his soulful, strong singing voice and genre-bending brand of music, a mix of folk, R&B, and modern pop is  signed to both Capitol Records and Loud Robot, making him the first artist to sign jointly to the two music hubs (Loud Robot is a new record label under film production company Bad Robot, created and run by J.J. Abrams).

Not Ok!, an anthem to Cardigan’s own mental health and the realization that being not OK is actually totally OK, couldn’t be more suited to the current situation many are finding themselves in today. 

This video shows what can happen when we work together, and how we can overcome obstacles with technology and our imagination.

SOURCE: RadicalMedia


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