Progressive’s NFL campaign, Replay returns


As football season kicks off with thrilling on-field action and off-field disputes, Progressive’s NFL campaign, “Replay,” makes a triumphant return to remind viewers that there’s one play no one will challenge this season – saving money by bundling home and auto insurance with Progressive.

Created by Arnold Worldwide, the campaign’s first 30-second spot, titled “Game Plans,” sets the tone for what’s to come. Directed by O Positive’s Thaddeus McCants, it captures an amusing and relatable moment between two neighbors waiting for their kids’ bus. The scene takes an unexpected turn when a young daughter throws the challenge flag, revealing her mother’s true feelings about attending the neighbor’s house to watch the game. Watch below:


Sean McBride, Chief Creative Officer of Arnold Worldwide, the agency behind the campaign, perfectly sums up the essence of “Replay”: “When you’re watching an NFL game, there are moments you want your team to throw the challenge flag, and other times when you want your team to rush to the line and run a play because you’re afraid of what the replay will show. The first spot from our second installment of this campaign shows that the same is true when you drop a challenge flag into real life – a testament to the strength of this idea we made with our partners at Progressive. Our woman is hustling to the figurative line of scrimmage, desperately hoping to run a play before someone checks the replay, because she knows exactly what the replay will show. And we can all relate.”

Progressive’s “Replay” campaign cleverly captures the humor and relatability of everyday situations, drawing parallels between the excitement and anticipation of NFL challenges and the value of saving money with Progressive. It’s a winning play that resonates with viewers both on and off the field, making bundling home and auto insurance an undisputed choice for the season.

So, as you settle in for the game, remember that while there may be disagreements on the field, one thing is clear: when it comes to saving money, bundling with Progressive is the undisputed champion of the season.

For more laughs and savings, check out the full “Game Plans” spot and stay tuned for what the “Replay” campaign has in store for football fans this season.

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