Progressive’s “Replay” settles Thanksgiving beef


When preparing for the holidays, sticking to the grocery list is crucial – especially when it comes to grandma’s favorite dish.  Progressive Insurance and creative agency Arnold Worldwide show the importance in the fourth spot of their “Replay” campaign, launching Monday, November 21, which features a family gathered at the dinner table for the holidays. 

When the grandmother asks for her favorite sweet potatoes, the mother and daughter of the family begin to disagree over the grocery list.  Did the mother request sweet potatoes or mashed potatoes?  Pat-ay-to, pat-ah-to.  No big deal, right?  Nope. 

The challenge flag is thrown, and Progressive’s “Replay” appears.  Once it’s proven the mother did in fact ask for mashed potatoes, she sarcastically points out that her daughter picked a great time to start listening to her. Watch below:


Quote from Sean McBride, CCO: “The holidays are prime season for two things: football and familial disagreements, and this spot combines both. For any of these “what really happened replay” spots to work as well as they do, there needs to be real truth in the details. I think we’ve all experienced the tension around the holidays that we find in this spot. One minute you’re hugging and thrilled to be reunited, the next you’re fuming about how someone parked too close to your car or, in this case, whether or not sweet potatoes were on the grocery list,” shares Quote Sean McBride, CCO of Arnold.


CLIENT: Progressive

  • Tricia Griffith, President & CEO  
  • Remi Kent, Chief Marketing Officer  
  • Meghan Walsh, Business Leader of Creative Management  
  • Jeanine Delsanter, Marketing Manager  
  • Loretta Czarnomski, Marketing Specialist  
  • Andrew J Christopher, Marketing Specialist  

AGENCY: Arnold Worldwide  

  • Sean McBride, Chief Creative Officer  
  • Gregg Nelson, SVP Group Creative Director  
  • Michael Sullivan, SVP Group Creative Director  
  • Tori Young, Senior Copywriter  
  • Danny Hughes, Art Director  
  • Sean Vernaglia, SVP Executive Producer  
  • Camara Price, SVP Director of Business Affairs  
  • Val Bettini, Chief Client Officer  
  • Victoria Parchment, SVP Marketing Director  
  • Jordan Colleran, VP Marketing Director  
  • Eric Rubino, Assoc. Director of Project Management  
  • Catherine Sheehan, EVP Brand Strategy Director   


  • David Shane, Director  
  • Charlie Sarroff, Director of Photography  
  • Ralph Laucella, Executive Producer  
  • Marc Grill, Executive Producer  
  • Jason Reda, Line Producer  
  • Editorial Company, Cosmo Street Editorial  
  • Anne Lai, Head of Production  
  • Aaron Langley, Editor  

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