Progressive Insurance is at home with Baker Mayfield

(Baker Mayfield is back for Season 3)

The NFL season is upon us. Thank god!  And with that, comes the return of one of our favorite Progressive TV campaigns – “At Home with Baker Mayfield.”

Now in its third season, we pick up right where we left off: with Baker navigating home ownership…in the stadium he lives in.  The campaign again provide glimpses of the uniquely relatable, mundane aspects of homeownership – from running out of treats on Halloween, to the time-honored tradition of the exchanging of the Wi-Fi password with guests, to handling a mis-delivered package that belongs to your neighbor (who happens to be a certain famous musician who lives in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame)

Season three kicks off today, September 9, with two spots,Baker Mayfield Shares Hot Goss andBaker Mayfield Holds A Yard Sale. Watch below:

REELated: Arnold taps into the funny for Progressive small business insurance

“When we kicked off this season, we talked a lot about how the third season is when great shows really find themselves. And, to us, that’s exactly what happened with At Home with Baker. The basic plot is set, the characters have been developed to a certain degree, and now it’s just about great writing and great execution – and maybe a surprise cameo or two thrown in for good measure,” Arnold ECD Sean McBride told Reel 360.

The campaign – which was produced by Arnold using copious precautions for the safety of talent and crew during the pandemic – continues the improv comedy style of previous Progressive ads, while also reiterating Progressive as a top choice for homeowner’s insurance. 

Both spots will run through the NFL playoffs on both national TV and digital channels, with new spots rotating in periodically for the duration of the season, in a contextually relevant manner.


CLIENT: Progressive Insurance

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  • Eric Rubino, Associate Director of Project Management  


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