Arnold taps into the funny for Progressive small business insurance

(It’s a brand new song for Progressive)

Arnold’s funny bone is at work again for long-tenured client Progressive. But this time it’s to highlight the insurance company’s commercial offering. Arnold’s latest work highlights the reality of small businesses and how they’re living the dream – until they’re not.

The creative effort is actually the second round of the Fairytales campaign, which first launched with “Good Morning” in 2019, “Landscaping” showcases how the reality of owning a small business isn’t always a fairytale, but how Progressive, as the #1 commercial auto insurer in the U.S., is there to help with coverage. To bring this round to life, Arnold worked with animation house Preymaker to develop all the characters, right down to the kissing koi. Watch below:

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“Every small business begins as a dream. Which means that – during the good moments anyway – running that small business is essentially living that dream. And that’s exactly what makes any hiccups that arise when you own a small business so jarring – you’re literally waking up from this wonderful dream, in order to face a potentially harsh reality. We’re really proud of the way this campaign uses animation, music and storytelling to capture that truth of what it’s like to own a small business and share with the world that Progressive Insurance has small business dreams covered during both the highs and the lows,” says Sean McBride, Arnold’s Chief Creative Officer:

The campaign also features print:

In addition to the new spot and supporting print campaign, there is also a radio campaign, “Barbershop Quartet” (#1#2 and #3)


CLIENT: Progressive Insurance

Agency: Arnold Worldwide

  • Chief Creative Officer: Sean McBride
  • SVP/CD: Nate Donabed
  • SVP/CD: Josh Kahn
  • CD: Thomas Hair   
  • Copywriter: Becky Brinkerhoff
  • Copywriter: Molly Burke
  • Sr. Producer: Lauren Landry
  • Assoc. Producer: Jasmine Reyes
  • Chief Client Officer: Val Bettini
  • VP/Marketing Director: Alex McSweeney
  • Sr., Marketing Manager: Crissy Cavallaro
  • Head of Business Affairs: Danielle Ivicic
  • Business Affairs Manage: Elyssa Garfinkle
  • Assoc. Director of Project Management: Eric Rubino


  • Director: Jess Coulter
  • Executive Producer: Ralph Laucella 
  • Executive Producer: Marc Grill 
  • Line Producer: Jason Reda
  • Director of Photography: Eric Steelberg 

EDIT: CosmoStreet Editorial

  • Editor: Tom Scherma
  • Executive Producer: Maura Woodard
  • Producer: Jennifer Tremaglio

Animation/VFX/Color Correction:  Preymaker | Creative + Technology

  • Angus Kneale
  • Verity Kneale
  • Melanie Wickham
  • Ruben Vandebroek
  • Greg Cutler
  • Jamie Lancaster
  • Adam Scott
  • Paolo Cogliati
  • Nick Dubois
  • Matt Parent
  • Grace Hwang
  • Paul Kim
  • John Volny
  • Sam Caine
  • Jessica Ivey
  • Hieu Phan
  • Raymond Volker
  • Spencer Lentini
  • Brandon Phillis
  • Christian Reyes
  • Jacob Weeks

Audio: Soundtrack Boston

Sound Design & Mix: Mike Secher

Music: New Math