Popeyes celebrates Chicken Sandwich anniversary

Humanity can all agree, that 2020 is out of control and we are living in pretty crazy times- toilet paper shortages, homeschooling 24/7, sports being postponed, coin shortages, confirmed UFO sightings, favorite dancing apps possibly getting banned- you name it. Luckily, whatever comes our way, we can always take a pause, breathe in and say at least we still have the Popeyes® Chicken Sandwich, because your average comfort food isn’t enough. 

And now the brand is celebrating its one-year anniversary of its Chicken Sandwich launch with a new campaign that brings light to a year no one could have seen coming: 2020.

Starting tomorrow and throughout the month of August, Popeyes will launch a most-needed countdown to 2021 by officially kicking off the Times Square Ball Drop …  4.5 months early.  

Today also marks the day that started the Chicken Sandwich’s rise to fame that was ignited with one simple tweet, Y’all good?”. Popeyes, along with the rest of the world, had no idea that a year later this tweet would carry much more meaning with it. So this year Popeyes asks America “2020 – Y’all Good?”. 

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Remember the times in 2019 when all we had to worry about was getting our hands ona sold out Popeyes® Chicken Sandwich? Popeyes® realized that in 2020 we ALL need The Sandwich for that pause in your day, so the brand is offering fried chicken fans $0 delivery fee (free delivery) today Wednesday, 8/19/20*. 

Some interesting facts about the Popeyes® Chicken Sandwich and its popularity can be found below: 

  • The August launch sent not only the internet, but the entire world into a frenzy of excitement. Celebs, athletes, foodies alike all stood in line, in some cases around the block to get a chance to try and fried chicken deliciousness. Our 44th President of the United States even tweeted about it. 
  • When the chicken sandwich online conversation was at its peak between August 17thand September 1stPopeyes® totaled 338,000 conversations, which equates to 16 tweets per minute about the Popeyes® Chicken Sandwich. 
  • Popeyes® sold 203 million Chicken Sandwiches in the past year. 
  • There were 405 million pickles used on Chicken Sandwiches since launch. 
  • Texas sold the most Chicken Sandwiches in the last 12 months. 
  • The most sandwiches sold by one store in one day was 3,582 sandwiches on 11/3/19. 

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The Reel 360 team loves that chicken from Popeyes.

SOURCE: Popeyes