Planters is a nut above with new design and campaign

(Planters launches brand refresh)

Earlier this year, Planters announced it was dedicating its $5 million Big Game budget to recognize fans who go a nut above with Little Acts of Extraordinary Substance. Now, the 115-year-old snack brand is launching a new look and creative campaign that puts substance front and center.  

The brand will launch a new creative campaign from VaynerMedia that spotlights how Planters provides substance to nut-lovers, first illustrated in a spot titled “Sustenance.”

The new spot highlights how nuts can give you the fuel to do great things. Other spots will be released throughout the year, showcasing the plant-based substance found in nuts.

Planters will also lean into its heritage and expertise to provide quality, crave-satisfying snacks and substance with swagger in all it does this year.

This includes the introduction a full new look and feel for the brand with a brand refresh from JKR. New photography highlights the irresistible taste, texture, and variety of flavors of its nuts.

Mr. Peanut plays a new role on pack, showing off the product and signing off on every nut. Every detail, from the logo to the colors, has been refined to celebrate substance with swagger.

“Planters is a true American icon, connecting generations and providing real food satisfaction with substance. The creative idea behind the new brand identity, Substance with Swagger, is all about celebrating the brand’s straight-to-the-nut sensibility, debonair flare, and crave-worthy irresistibility. We’re thrilled to finally share with the world the many sides of our beloved Mr. Peanut,”  says JB Hartford, Creative Director at New York-based Jones Knowles Ritchie.

On the left is before, on the right, after:

Mr. Peanut will have a similar look and feel to recent years and show up for fans as a true believer of “when you know better, you do better,” encouraging fans to make substantial choices in both snacking and in life.

He will also continue to reward individuals throughout the year who go a nut above to add substance to their local communities. On the left is before, on the right, after:

“When we brought back Mr. Peanut after he sacrificed himself during the 2020 Super Bowl we wanted to make sure he came back both as the Mr. Peanut we all know and loved, but also that he had evolved in his year growing up for the second time. So he’s back, but with a bit more substance, a bit more swagger, a new, more elevated look, and a new message that encourages people to be “a nut above” in how they snack, and in all they do,”  added Mike Pierantozzi, Executive Creative Director, VaynerMedia.