Philly QB Jalen Hurts shines in Beats by Dre spot

(Courtesy of Apple)

Game recognizes Game. Philadelphia Eagles’ star quarterback, Jalen Hurts, certainly has it, taking the beloved Iggles to the Super Bowl last year. And Dr. Dre has had it since coming onto the scene as a part of NWA.

The two take the spotlight in a captivating new commercial for Beats by Dre. The commercial showcases Hurts’ remarkable journey, from being a surprise draft choice to potentially becoming a Pro Football Hall of Famer. This collaboration between hip-hop legend Dr. Dre and Hurts celebrates their shared success and coolness, promising to deliver premium sound entertainment to music enthusiasts worldwide.

The commercial not only highlights Hurts’ impressive rise but also positions him as the ideal ambassador for the Beats by Dre brand. For fans of the Philadelphia Eagles, especially those who admire Jalen Hurts, this commercial further solidifies his status as a star both on and off the field.

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In the spot, we see Hurts’ amazing journey, highlighting his special mix of talent, determination, and charm. He’s led famous college football teams like the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Oklahoma Sooners, and even made it as a Heisman finalist and NFL Most Valuable Player runner-up.

Hurts has made a big impact in the sports world and embodies the “cool” factor that fans and enthusiasts love. the spot ends with the tagline, “Same One from Day One.” Watch below:


The partnership between Hurts and Dr. Dre shows that successful people recognize each other’s talents. Dr. Dre, a respected figure in the music industry, has selected Hurts to be the face of Beats by Dre. Hurts embodies a winning attitude that combines style, maturity, grace, and charm, making him an excellent match for the prestigious audio brand.

Hurts’ appearance is not just an endorsement; it’s a celebration of success and an invitation to experience the world of premium sound entertainment. As Jalen’s star continues to rise, his partnership with Dr. Dre promises to deliver a fresh perspective on coolness and excellence, both on and off the field.

For those eager to witness this exciting collab, the Beats by Dre commercial starring Jalen is a must-watch, showcasing the convergence of sports and music culture in a unique and engaging way. Hurts’ magnetic presence and his journey to stardom make this commercial a standout moment in the world of sports and entertainment.

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