Tide piles on clean with three Philadelphia Eagles

(Jason Kelce tackles odors)

As the NFL season is now upon us, Tide is set to launch its NFL campaign featuring Philadelphia Eagles players Jason Kelce, Fletcher Cox, and Jordan Mailata. In this fun spot from Saatchi & Saatchi, the three football stars nudge an unsuspecting person to address a massive pile of laundry.

The ad transports viewers to a laundry room where, instead of the typical football field, the players are buried under a heap of dirty laundry. The campaign taps into a relatable human truth – the tendency to procrastinate on doing laundry until the pile becomes overwhelming, stains set in, and odors intensify. Tide steps in as the solution to tackle this laundry mountain. Watch below:


Tide’s new NFL campaign debuted on September 7 on television and OTT platforms, with additional content rolling out on social media throughout the season.

It’s fun to see Kelce, Cox and Mailata ham it up in a pile of dirty clothes. They’re acting isn’t great, but they’re Eagles making us love this spot! Fly, Eagles fly!

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