Not To Scale takes us BTS of Coca-Cola Energy spot

Well, this is pretty dope. Energy is Coca-Cola’s first new global product launch since the brands’ highly successful, Coke Zero. The campaign strategy centers around the energy drink’s rad looking design and the premise that positive energy is contagious, quickly spreading onto the next person. To accomplish this, agency Ogilvy Uk turned to NYC-based VFX house, Not To Scale.

The launch film cleverly represents these waves of positive energy through an eye catching, high energy dance performance, that is a visual representation of the positive energy that can be released by the product. Watch below:

So, how’d they do that? To create the film, Not To Scale brought the dance to life with through state of the art motion capture techniques. Boutique VFX outfit Analog were on hand throughout to oversee the shoot and conversion of the motion capture data and the design of the pulsing energy waves. Watch below:

Founder of Not To Scale, Dan O’Rourke, told Reel 360, “When a film needs to be all about impactful new branding that includes red flashing lines, that can cause a lot of technical and creative hurdles to avoid color bleed and aliasing, the trick was to keep the film high energy in both performance and camera movement so that the branded animated lines and environments further enhance and immerse the viewer in the Coke Energy world rather than distract or camouflage the visual excitement of the performance, the Coca-Cola Client Walter Susini was instrumental in pushing us to include more lines and create something that was so visually arresting.”

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Not To Scale and their team have produced an exhilarating foot tapping film that represents Coca-Cola ENERGY and positivity at its very best.

SOURCE: Not To Scale