Nike turns Chinese tradition into high octane chase

Chinese New Year, or The Year of the Rat, is upon us. One of the many delightful traditions is known as The ‘hongbao’ – a red envelope stuffed with money – that is given by older relatives to younger children in a family. A part of that tradition is a playful tug o’ war where the child attempts to politely refuse the gift, in order to not appear grasping and spoiled (and to avoid a telling-off from parents later). Nike smartly taps into this cultural insight with a spot that is smart and playful.

This polite to-and-fro is a cultural insight that Wieden + Kennedy Shanghai has used to set the scene for Nike’s playful and energetic Chinese New Year campaign.

As reported by lbbonline, the 1:31-minute spot opens on a small girl, who attempts to vigorously refuse her Auntie’s enthusiastic gift giving. Over the years, this antagonism intensifies until the girl – now a teenager – pulls on a pair of red Nikes (the color associated with the festival) and sprints away, pursued by Auntie.

The pair race through factories, car parks, markets and paddy fields – and as the years roll past the Auntie even adopts a more high-tech approach by using virtual WeChat hongbao.

Eventually the niece is old enough to return the favor, and the spot ends with her attempting to give Auntie a hongbao… only, Auntie has bought her own pair of Nikes. It’s a wonderful spot, full of cultural insight. Watch below:

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Director Steve Ayson, of production company MJZ, manages to deftly blend comedy and action as the chase unfolds.

SOURCE: lbbonline