Nike celebrates Tiger Woods in a crazy way


By now, we all know that on April 14 Tiger Woods defied the odds in Augusta, Georgia.

Where it was generally thought that the one-time golf superstar was washed up, Woods proved the naysayers wrong by winning his fifth Masters Tournament, the first since 2005.

To put that into a personal perspective for me – my kids were 9 and 6.

Crazy ain’t it?

In order to really feel the craziness of Woods’ win, consider this.

Things have not been so great for Tiger since oh, 2008. There was the infidelity scandal in 2009 that led to a public car accident and divorce. Major sponsors including, Gatorade, AT&T and General Motors walked away. Woods had four back surgeries.

Combine that with a DUI, and other injuries, how do we put this? Things really sucked for Tiger.

And as this downward spiral played out over a decade, one sponsor, however, kept their support for Woods. Nike. The Portland-based brand stuck by their $200m deal.

When Woods played at the Masters this year it was his first win in 15 years. He has not played a meaningful round of gold since the U.S. Open in 2008. His win at this year’s Masters is not only his first Masters win in nearly 15 years, it’s his first major tournament win since the U.S.

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And who was the sponsor to support Tiger? You got it – the swoosh.

Yes, Woods defied all the odds and came back. And we at Reel 360 are proud to call the new Wieden + Kennedy/Nike spot (actually released right after the win last week) our REEL AD OF THE WEEK.

The spot itself is what Nike and Wieden have done successfully over the years – simply using footage or, in this case, clips and saying something so truthful about it.

Cut together by Joint Editorial, the spot is an emotional 51-second journey of of Tiger Woods playing golf, set to inspiring an piano by Jóhann Jóhannsson. Watch below:


Pro golf’s next major tournament will be the PGA Championship, kicking off May 16.

Maybe it’s crazy to say this. Maybe not. Either way, the Reel 360 team says, “Go, Tiger!

Client: Nike Golf
   Client Contact: Go Wakimoto
   Secondary Client Contact: Andy Whiteside

Agency: W+K Portland
   Executive Creative Directors: Jason Bagley/Eric Baldwin
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Color Company: Joint
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Mix Company: Joint
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Source: Vox

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