Woodshop director Peter Cote delivers new work for Cracker Barrel, Dunkin’ Cereal

WoodShop Founders Executive Producer Sam Swisher and ECD/Director Trevor Shepard have welcomed Director Peter Cote to the company’s expanding roster of directorial talent. Cote joins the WoodShop team with the launch of a brand-new Cracker Barrel campaign for fall, which has received over 1.8 Million Views. 

“Peter is a unicorn; he has a robust skill to go along an insatiable curiosity and an undeniable work ethic,” comments EPSwish er.

“Entrepreneurial in spirit, he actually came to us first over a year ago saying, ‘I’m a Director/Shooter in L.A. and have been focusing more on tabletop production. I have a studio near downtown where I experiment, shoot, do VFX and build customized tabletop rigs.’ Trevor and I reviewed his website, his work on Instagram and it was love at first sight.”

Adds ECD/Director Trevor Shepard: “Peter comes to WoodShop with a great deal of experience directing and extensive knowledge of high-speed filmmaking. Combine these skills with his creative passion and we knew that we had found the right addition to our team. We also have shared values, which again, is very important to us here at WoodShop.”

“I have signed with WoodShop because they have a stellar reputation,” says Director Peter Cote. “Each new client I’ve worked with so far has been beyond excited to be collaborating with WoodShop, but also it’s so obvious how much they value all their relationships from the brands they work with down to each and every crew position on set. That kind of mutual respect goes a long way with me because I value the same things.”

From here, Cote’s goals are clear: “I hope to keep pushing the boundaries of food storytelling,” concludes the Director. “In particular, I love to focus on the minutiae of food and ingredients in their raw form. I appreciate food being a world of small details and sometimes beautiful chaos. But with the right perspective that beautiful chaos can come from something as simple as pouring a bowl of cereal, or as complex as chopping, mixing, and sautéing ingredients. I love to give those moments a more epic scale by slowing it all down to view the detail.”

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For the new Cracker Barrel campaign, Cote says the project would have been challenging enough in normal times, but became even more so when he and the WoodShop team had to pivot their execution strategy due to the pandemic.

“Creatively, it was a challenge because sliced cheese can so easily get lost in all the other layers that make up a sandwich,” he details. “The cheese really needed to stick out and be the hero amongst all the flavors.  Watch the case study below:

In our conversations, it was all about being choose-y about cheese, and so it makes sense that the tag at the end is ‘Cheese Wisely.’ I really tried to make sure Cracker Barrel slices got their heroic moment.”

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WoodShop is currently in the midst of a series of new projects for Fall 2020, including a new Burger King campaign featuring the re-launch of the famous Whopper, as well as a campaign for Post Cereal which launched last week, which you can see below:

Click here to view a directorial reel for Peter Cote.

Reel 360 wishes Peter all the best at Woodshop.


CLIENT: Cracker Barrel

AGENCY: VaynerMedia/New York

  • Creative Director: Vince Lim
  • Producer: Lauren Press
  • Art Director: Brittani Kelzenberg 
  • Copywriter: Bobby Glennon


  • Director: Peter Cote
  • Executive Producer: Sam Swisher
  • Producer: Ursula Camack

POST: WoodShop

  • Creative Director/VFX Supervisor: Jonah Hall
  • VFX Artist: Jeff Willette
  • Nuke Compositors: Jason Forster, Michael Loney
  • Producer: Sabrina Elizondo


CLIENT: Post Cereal

AGENCY: Argonaut

  • Creative Director: Ali Esterly 
  • Producer: Dora LeeArt Director: Jen Garcia
  • Copywriter: Sarah Sutton


  • Director: Peter Cote 
  • Director of Photography: Tom Lazaraevich
  • Executive Producer: Sam Swisher
  • Producer: Sabrina Elizondo & Ursula Camack

Editorial Company: FREDITOR

Editor: Fred Fouquet

VFX: WoodShop Studios

  • VFX Supervisor: Jonah Hall
  • Sr. Compositor: Michael Loney

SOURCE: Woodshop