Meet Plan “B” for ‘The Flash’ if Keaton doesn’t sign

(Warner Bros. has many Batmen to choose from)

Last week, we reported that original big screen (we know it’s really Lewis G. Wilson) BatmanMichael Keaton, is in talks with Warner Bros. about returning to the big screen as older Bruce Wayne in The Flash movie.

Keaton first appeared in Tim Burton’s 1989 classic and then returned in 1992’s Batman Returns. He reportedly will have a recurring presence in the DC Extended Universe moving forward, mentoring Batgirl, and continuing the story of his version of the hero from that 1991 sequel. 

But what if he doesn’t sign? What’s Warner Bros plan B?


A new rumor shared by Jeremy Conrad (via CBR) claims that if the talks between the studio and Keaton don’t pan out, the studio is hoping to lure The Dark Knight Trilogy‘s Christian Bale back. The actor played the titular role from 2005 – 2012.

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We have to take this with a big pile of salt as Bale has made it clear over and over again that he is done donning the cowl. Although, he did say it with an asterisk – he would consider if director Christopher Nolan were involved.

The actor has also signed on to play the villain in Thor: Love and Thunder.


However, there are no plans to approach Ben Affleck about a possible return as Batman.  If Keaton can’t do it, then this will be my choice.

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Just no George Clooney.


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