Director Johan Stahl robs a bank for Nemlig campaign

(Johan Stahl organizes a bank heist)

Paying homage to legendary Hollywood heist movies like Baby Driver and even the beginning to The Dark Knight, the new campaign for Denmark’s largest online supermarket leads with a bank robbery and subsequent car chase and gunfight between the robbers and a SWAT team.

The action is interrupted by comedy when cops and robbers respectively break out in talks about grocery shopping and dinner planning.

The two films, one from the SWAT Team’s perspective and one from the bank robbers’, remind us that everyday retail shopping is inescapable, no matter your profession. And that has round-the-clock delivery and makes your life a little easier, as the tagline says.

The campaign is directed by Johan Stahl, produced by Bacon, and made with Pong as agency. Watch below:

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  • Director: Johan Stahl
  • DoP: Snorre Ruhe Fulsang
  • EP: Samuel Cantor
  • Production: Nicholas Perry
  • Production: Oliver Sand
  • Production: Nana Rothenborg
  • 1’st AD: Stefan Danholm
  • Production design: Wonderland Christian Rathmann 
  • Props Master: Rasmus With
  • Costume: Melanie Buchhave
  • MUA: Henrik Steen
  • Focus Puller: Peter Topsøe
  • Video assist: William Bekker
  • DIT: Casper Gaston
  • Chief Gaffer: Frank Omø
  • Gaffer: Jonathan Kjærgaard
  • Gaffer ass: William Laursten
  • Grip: Jens Bacher
  • Crane Grip: Mikael Kort
  • Sound: Peter Thorneman
  • Precision driver: Jan Seerup
  • SFX: Hummer Højmark & 
  • SFX: Flemming Christensen  
  • Runner: Frederik Højlund
  • Runner: Bastian Deleuran


  • Editor: Rikke Selin Als
  • Composers: Anton Eger & Johan Stahl
  • Sound design: Reda El-Kheloufi
  • Colour: Hannibal Lang / Bacon X
  • VFX Lead: Mario Maruska / Bacon X
  • VFX: Ola Stavreus / Bacon X