McCann Worldgroup rolls out MW Presents podcast series

MW Presents
(New Podcast from McCann Worldgroup)

Our friends at McCann Worldgroup today announced the launch of  “MW Presents” Podcast Series, the first of which is “Spontaneously Candid,” which features leaders, thinkers, creators and influencers in unstructured, unscripted and unrehearsed conversations designed to get to know the person behind the resume, credentials and accomplishments.

The podcast series is the latest offering from the “MW Presents” platform that McCann Worldgroup launched last year, focusing on providing thought leadership and expertise to the market on the most impactful and important business, societal and cultural trends and leaders affecting and guiding brands.

Hosted by McCann Global Chief Strategy Officer Harjot Singh, the podcast is launching with three initial episodes: Bill Kolb (Chairman and CEO, McCann Worldgroup), Kathleen Hall (Chief Brand Officer, Microsoft) and Dan Carucci (Chief Medical Officer, McCann Health). 

Singh remarked, “So many podcasts understandably delve into what makes the most accomplished people so successful. ‘Spontaneously Candid,’ however, explores what makes them human. Listeners will find out the often surprising vulnerabilities, life lessons, sources of inspiration and even failures and insecurities that motivate, challenge and guide those who have reached the highest rungs of their career. By the end of each episode, even the most venerable and seemingly untouchable of luminaries become relatable peers. My hope is that listeners will gain not only nuggets of wisdom, but some clarity and confidence as well…everyone is a paradox of confidence and insecurity, of successes and failures, very much including those we most admire.”

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“Spontaneously Candid” is the first in a suite of podcasts under MW Presents to be rolled out by McCann Worldgroup, each with different hosts, guests and areas of focus. 

“The pandemic has accelerated a truth we long ago identified – people expect more from brands than ever before and often place more trust in them than they do in their own governments,” said Jeremy Miller, Global Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, McCann Worldgroup. “The connection between brands and people has never been stronger and ‘Spontaneously Candid’ takes that a step further by offering a more personal look into the executives who make the pivotal decisions about what purpose their brands serve beyond simply sales and for what values do they stand.”

You can listen to “Spontaneously Candid” on Apple PodcastsSpotify, and Google Podcasts and subscribe for more!