McCann launches sustainability department

(Jaclyn Kaminski)

McCann Worldgroup has launched a sustainability department to commit resources to, and drive forward, the network’s sustainability agenda.

The agency announced that Jaclyn Kaminski, a Director of Business Leadership at McCann London, has been named to the newly-created role of Global Director of Sustainability, and will lead the department. Kaminski brings with her a wealth of expertise, including co-leading the agency’s Global Sustainability Department. 

She received several sustainability business certificates at the University of Cambridge, U.K, including a post-graduate certificate in Sustainability Leadership.

Kaminski will be responsible for embedding sustainability throughout McCann Worldgroup’s global business strategy, operations and culture, creating lasting organizational change and management. Her remit includes leading McCann Worldgroup’s Net Zero transition, developing an internal sustainability education strategy, global partnership strategy, management of the network’s carbon footprint analysis and client engagement.

The announcement follows a global note to the entire McCann Worldgroup network from Chairman and CEO Bill Kolb, who wrote that sustainability is one of the agency network’s business imperatives and is critical to the network’s future growth. 

Kolb announced that McCann Worldgroup will commit to being a Net Zero emissions company by 2040.

“We are far past the stage where we can talk about being a more responsible corporate citizen when it comes to sustainability – we need to take action. And we are,” Kolb said. “I am excited to announce our new Sustainability Department within McCann Worldgroup. Sustainability across the network is critical to our future growth – for our clients, our communities, our employees and our partners.”

Kolb added, “The decisions we make now will determine the course of the next 30 years and beyond. Therefore, as a first step, we completed a global carbon footprint analysis. These learnings will inform our first phase of global sustainability commitments and carbon reduction strategies. We have also committed, alongside many of our client partners, to achieve Net-Zero. And we are committing to establishing and meeting Science-Based Targets.”

Nannette Lafond-Dufour, President, Global Clients and Business Leadership at McCann Worldgroup, will collaborate with Kaminski in establishing and building out sustainability partnerships with each of McCann Worldgroup’s clients. “We want to exchange knowledge and expertise on achieving sustainability goals with all of our clients, and also ensure that all of the work we do with our client partners meets our mutual sustainability plans,” Lafond-Dufour said.

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Kaminski has been directing McCann Worldgroup’s first Global Carbon Footprint Analysis to ensure that all McCann Worldgroup employees understand the impact the network has as a business on the planet. This carbon footprint analysis will allow McCann Worldgroup to reduce emissions moving forward and make the progress necessary to reach its Net Zero commitment.

“I am thrilled and honored by the trust McCann Worldgroup has shown in appointing me to this very important role,” Kaminski said. “McCann Worldgroup is a committed member of the global community and that means we have a moral imperative to behave as active and progressive corporate citizens in the fight against climate change. And that means each and every one of us, as employees and partners of McCann Worldgroup.”

A key part of the network’s sustainability strategy is its focus on educating and engaging all 20,000+ members of the McCann Worldgroup network on the path forward in the sustainability agenda. Kaminski will work with leaders across the network to create programs that operate on the global, regional, local and office-by-office level to ensure that every McCann Worldgroup employee is an engaged and accountable stakeholder in the network’s progress.

In addition, McCann Worldgroup is closely partnering on sustainability with its parent holding company, the Interpublic Group (NYSE: IPG). In June, IPG CEO Philippe Krakowsky announced that IPG is taking three major steps on climate change, which include setting a Science-Based Target, sourcing 100% renewable electricity by 2030, and committing to reaching net-zero carbon across the entire IPG entire network by 2040.