McCann Dubai scores with out of the world match

(Courtesy McCann Dubai)

Football is more than just a game – it is a celebration of the human spirit, igniting passion and pride for millions every day. To celebrate connecting people to their passions, Mastercard has created an out-of-this-world experience that takes the beautiful game of football to extraordinary new heights.

The campaign, created with FP7 McCann Dubai, features 7 football fans recruited from all over the world from different walks of life, building a different football experience with the sports legend Luis Figo. Two diverse teams were created to conquer the Guinness World Record for the highest football match ever played on a parabolic flight (in Zero gravity at 20,000+ ft) on a specially curated pitch.

When everyone is talking about football on the ground, Mastercard and FP7 took it to the next level – all the way to the clouds. 7 fans, 1 legend, 1 out of this world match. 

Other than the world record, what made this idea stand out amongst other Zero gravity feats is that it is the first event of its kind that was captured in just one, continuous flight with a Guinness record representative, two timekeepers and a referee. A brave feat, considering these players had never been in those conditions. Watch the Mastercard work below:


The Mastercard campaign was launched on September 20th, 2022.  


CLIENT: Mastercard

AGENCY: FP7 McCann Dubai

  • Federico Fanti, Chief Creative Officer 
  • Tarek Ali Ahmad, Head of Business Leadership
  • Ranin Zbib, Senior Account Director
  • Maryam Habib, Account Manager
  • Josephine Younes, Senior Creative Director
  • Nayaab Rais, Senior Creative Director 
  • Francesco Negri, Art Director 
  • Giovanni Scopece, Art Director
  • Aliza Siddiqi, Senior English Copywriter 
  • Manar M Abdulla, Senior Arabic Copywriter
  • Abdul Wahid, Senior Graphic Designer
  • Amin Soltani, Executive Producer 
  • Yosra AlHarouni, Agency Producer
  • Ann Vaas, Social Producer
  • Deydson Rocha, Senior Editor
  • Mark Cruzem, Senior Motion Graphic Designer 
  • Talal Tariq, Content Designer
  • Jane Tapang, Content Designer 
  • Khaled Hamza, Creative Services Director
  • Anis Zantout, Regional Digital Director
  • Asitha HB, Senior Illustrator 

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