London food community markets turned into film sets


Andrea Iervolino, renowned film producer and founder of digital entertainment platform TaTaTu is working with Mercato Metropolitano, which is now part of the TaTaTu’s group since July 2022, and its locations to produce premium content about stories related to food, culture, and entrepreneurship.

The Market is located in the heart of London and will be the location for an upcoming docu-series that tells the journey of four cooks who sought refuge in the United Kingdom from Syria, Namibia, Nepal, and Uzbekistan. These cooks transformed the food of their homeland into their livelihood, bridging the cultural gap with new flavors, thanks to the incubation program designed by Mercato.

In addition to the integration of TaTaTu’s rewarding system, the TTU Coin and the expansion of the “circular economy” in catering, TaTaTu has seen the opportunity in the food markets to use the location to access stories about food, culture, and entrepreneurship to produce premium content.

In the show’s first season, produced with the Emmy-winning producer David Tickle for Tickle Entertainment, each episode describes the journey that brought these people to London through their dishes, recipes and ingredients that connect them to their past, as well as nurture their friendships and experiences of new life, and it opens with a scene in the kitchen, or at the table, in which the unknown chefs are introduced with these questions: who are they and what does food mean to them?

Everything is set in the splendid scenario of Mercato Metropolitano, founded by the entrepreneur Andrea Rasca in 2015 in London who launched the MM Movement of regenerative food within urban areas: its manifesto is focused on the empowerment of a community that puts food and people at the center of our society.

A second season is also in pre-production that aims to tell the culinary journey on the Silk Road, traveled by the famous Marco Polo. The show will focus on food from the various countries encountered on the trip and other unknown chefs, residing in London, will prepare fabulous dishes in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world.

Recently TaTaTu S.P.A., the company that owns TaTaTu, an entertainment platform based on the sharing economy of data and the circular economy, announced the acquisition of 75% of Mercato Metropolitano, creating a synergy based on the values of sharing and community.


With the integration of Mercato Metropolitano., TaTaTu takes a further step forward in the creation of a “circular economy” linked to the usability of the mediums used to reward its users, the TTU Coin, which in the future will also be used to purchase products at Mercato Metropolitano’s venues.

“In addition to the integration of TTU Coins and the expansion of the circular economy concept, we have seen in Mercato the opportunity to use the locations and to tell the hundreds of stories related to food, culture and entrepreneurship to produce premium content for an international audience,” said Andrea Iervolino.

Andrea Rasca, founder of Mercato Metropolitano and shareholder of TaTaTu added, “Opening the doors of Mercato Metropolitano to host a film set gives us the possibility to portray the incredible stories of these cooks and entrepreneurs. The partnership with TaTaTu is also aimed at enhancing the sense of community linked to the world of food and to stories of extraordinary cooks  who, with their individual paths, enrich the various stands every day with unique scents, colors and flavors.”

Producer David Tickle adds, “Food is essential in everyone’s life and my interest in cooking is like my passion in music production: it is international and highly subjective to every cook, with a balance of different ingredients that gives it the uniqueness and the result of the different chefs. I am proud to collaborate with Andrea Iervolino and TaTaTu to bring these stories to an international audience.”

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