‘Matrix 4’ begins filming in San Francisco, Chicago next

The Matrix is officially back. Keanu Reeves who reprises his role a Neo has posted on his Twitter from the set. How he is dressed only adds to the mystery surrounding the upcoming Lana Wachowski sequel. Neo’s trademark trench coat, sunglasses, and clean cut look are gone and have now been replaced with a beard and long hair as well as regular street clothes.

What this means is hard to say as plot details are being kept a closely guarded secret, but it definitely seems like Neo has been through some changes.

At the end of The Matrix Revolutions, Neo sacrificed himself to purge the Matrix of Agent Smith and created a new world in the process. Although there are persistent rumors that world was simply another matrix created by the machines. Perhaps this is his new “avatar” in the real world?

Check out the video below:

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After wrapping in San Francisco, the production will then move to Chicago and Germany so expect many more set photos etc. The Matrix 4 is set to be released on May 21st, 2021.

Wachowski will helm and co-write the screenplay with novelists Aleksandar Hemon and David Mitchell. She is producing with Grant Hill, who executive produced Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions.

The cast will also be comprised of Keanu Reeves, Carrie Anne Moss, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Jada Pinkett Smith, Jonathan Groff, and Neil Patrick Harris and Eréndira Ibarra.

The trilogy has grossed over $1.6 billion at the WW box office.

SOURCE: Twitter

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