It was a “YES” when Keanu Reeves was asked to return to The Matrix

We are only 12 days away from re-entering The Matrix, when Lana Wachowski’s The Matrix: Resurrections opens in theaters and on HBO Max. Also returning to the mind-bending universe that redefined the genre in 1999, are Keanu Reeves (Neo/Thomas Anderson) and Carrie-Anne Moss (Trinity/Tiffany). Now, Lana is out on her own as she brings The Matrix: Resurrections to life. In … Continue reading “It was a “YES” when Keanu Reeves was asked to return to The Matrix”

gnet pumps out Keanu Reeves ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ spot

Cyberpunk 2077, an open-world, action-adventure story from CD PROJEKT RED, is coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on November 19th, 2020, with the version for Google Stadia set to launch the same year. Besides Keanu Reeves (The Matrix, John Wick), the cast features Michael-Leon Wooley, Grimes, Samuel Barnett, Jason Hightower, Mark Holden – … Continue reading “gnet pumps out Keanu Reeves ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ spot”

Tremors star Fred Ward passes at 79

Golden Globe-winning character actor and producer Fred Ward passed away at age 79 on Sunday May 8, 2022. Ward’s passing was confirmed by his publicist, Ron Hoffmann. No cause of death has yet been revealed, but Hoffmann said Mr. Ward wanted any memorial donations given to a Boston University center for the study of chronic … Continue reading “Tremors star Fred Ward passes at 79”

REVIEW: What a complete and utter glitch The Matrix Resurrections is

There is a moment in the second act of Lana Wachowski’s new The Matrix Resurrections that Jada (Why did they make her look so old?) Pinkett Smith’s character Niobe says to Neo/Thomas Anderson (Keanu Reeves), “We’re trying to make sense of who made this mess.” So, am I, Niobe. So am I. Let’s be clear … Continue reading “REVIEW: What a complete and utter glitch The Matrix Resurrections is”

First social media reactions are in for Matrix Resurrections

In 1999, the Wachowski siblings blew our minds with a cyberpunk sci-fi movie series about how our day-to-day lives are a simulation intended to keep us compliant while our robot overlords used us as batteries. Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, and Carrie-Anne Moss led the cast through a trilogy of films including the original The Matrix, … Continue reading “First social media reactions are in for Matrix Resurrections”

Interview: Steven Spielberg and Tony Kushner’s fresh take on ‘West Side Story’

Directed by Academy-Award winner Steven Spielberg, from a screenplay by Tony Award winner Tony Kushner, 20th Century Studios’ West Side Story tells the classic tale of fierce rivalries and young love in 1957 New York City. Since it debuted on Broadway over 60 years ago, the musical has often been revived both professionally and in amateur productions throughout the … Continue reading “Interview: Steven Spielberg and Tony Kushner’s fresh take on ‘West Side Story’”

Major Character is back… sort of… in international Matrix trailer

We are only 15 days away from re-entering The Matrix, when Lana Wachowski’s The Matrix: Resurrections opens in theaters and on HBO Max. Now, Warner Bros has released the second (and probably final) trailer as well as an international one for the film which is still fairly shrouded in secrecy. In the new trailer for The … Continue reading “Major Character is back… sort of… in international Matrix trailer”

Take the red pill and get in on these Matrix character posters

We are only 21 days away from returning to The Matrix: Resurrections entering theaters. Now, Warner Bros has released a series of new character posters for the upcoming sci-fi film. The new film reunites original stars Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss in the iconic roles they made famous, Neo and Trinity. Plot details for Matrix: … Continue reading “Take the red pill and get in on these Matrix character posters”

Our top 15 Thanksgiving movies

Thanksgiving has many traditions in not only food dishes, but also entertainment. And in a time where we are in the middle of a pandemic, we can use some entertainment. Some people enjoy watching endless hours of football, while others take the time to listen to Arlo Guthrie’s “Alice’s Restaurant” in its entirety. I, on … Continue reading “Our top 15 Thanksgiving movies”

The Matrix Resurrections: Watch the exciting new trailer

Did Neo and Trinity actually stop the machines? Or was it all a lie? That’s the question at hand in the first trailer for the new The Matrix Resurrections. The visually breathtaking trailer, which first screened at CinemaCon last month, presents us with a long-haired and bearded Neo (Keanu Reeves) resembling an older Ted from … Continue reading “The Matrix Resurrections: Watch the exciting new trailer”

Father’s Day: Our top ten films to watch

Father’s Day 2021 is fast approaching and there’s no better way to spend the day than watching a movie with your dad or with your kids if you are a dad! From comedies, to dramas, to even a cartoon, we’ve got you covered! Check out our list of Father’s Day films! 10-Daddy Daycare Eddie Murphy … Continue reading “Father’s Day: Our top ten films to watch”

Reel 360’s Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide

Happy Hanukkah! And we are just around the corner from Christmas and Kwanza, so it’s that time of the year to offer up the Reel 360 / Reel Chicago Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide. To make your last minute holiday gift buying just a l’il bit easier, we’ve compiled an extensive list – and believe us … Continue reading “Reel 360’s Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide”

Funworks unleashes Assassin’s Creed episodes

Creative agency Funworks has partnered with Ubisoft for a series of unconventional episodic shorts for the upcoming video game Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Starring comedic actor Brett Gelman (Fleabag, Stranger Things) as an unkempt self-help guru, and breakout TikTok star Caitlin Reilly, the long-form videos depict a campsite seminar drawing on lessons from the game to … Continue reading “Funworks unleashes Assassin’s Creed episodes”

Laurence Fishburne on why he’s not in Matrix 4

Unlike Neo (played by Keanu Reeves), it is now clear that award-winning actor Laurence Fishburne (#FreeRayshawn, Man of Steel, Ant-Man and the Wasp) was not given the choice of taking the red or blue pill to appear in the multi-million dollar reboot of The Matrix. While speaking with New York Magazine, Fishburne said that he … Continue reading “Laurence Fishburne on why he’s not in Matrix 4”

E! greenlights project with Nick Cannon

E! Networks boosts its programming slate by greenlighting three new projects including Celebrity Call Center executive produced by Nick Cannon and 10 Things You Don’t Know, which will air this summer. Additionally, the network announced two new series in development including Glamsquad Showdown featuring Nene Leakes and Brad Goreski and The Seven Year Stitch hosted by Terry and Heather Dubrow. E! is … Continue reading “E! greenlights project with Nick Cannon”

For official ‘Bill and Ted’ Day (6/9) we have a trailer

Excellent. What better way to celebrate the official Bill and Ted Day (yeah today 6/9 dude) than looking at the first teaser trailer for the long-awaited third installment, Bill and Ted Face the Music? That’s what Orion Pictures has gone and done. The studio has finally given us a peek at Keanu Reeves and Alex … Continue reading “For official ‘Bill and Ted’ Day (6/9) we have a trailer”

MGM and United Artists experience layoffs

As has already been reported on multiple occasions, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on the film industry with production delays and most summer tentpole films pushed back until later this year or 2021. MGM Studios has reportedly laid off at least 50 people and the company’s marketing and distribution … Continue reading “MGM and United Artists experience layoffs”

Even more footage from ‘Matrix 4’ San Francisco set

There is a small independent film shooting in San Francisco right now. Perhaps you’ve heard of it? The Matrix. Recently, Keanu Reeves tweeted out footage of his stunt double performing a high wire stunt along with co-star Carrie Anne Moss’ stunt double. Now, we have more video from the San Francisco set of The Matrix 4. … Continue reading “Even more footage from ‘Matrix 4’ San Francisco set”

‘Matrix 4’ stunt video reveals Neo, Trinity in action

Last week at the Oscars, Best Supporting Actor winner, Brad Pitt, gave props to all of the stunt men and women who risk death-defying stunts on a daily basis. That point is made in spades by today’s video from the the Matrix 4 set. The film (probably a working title) is in full-on production mode … Continue reading “‘Matrix 4’ stunt video reveals Neo, Trinity in action”

‘Matrix 4’ begins filming in San Francisco, Chicago next

The Matrix is officially back. Keanu Reeves who reprises his role a Neo has posted on his Twitter from the set. How he is dressed only adds to the mystery surrounding the upcoming Lana Wachowski sequel. Neo’s trademark trench coat, sunglasses, and clean cut look are gone and have now been replaced with a beard … Continue reading “‘Matrix 4’ begins filming in San Francisco, Chicago next”