Match enlists Rebel Wilson to talk up dating


Dating is akin to traveling the highways of hell.

But who doesn’t know that in this day and age? To describe online or app dating, I would probably have to use a word my publisher is not too fond of, but you get the idea.

The ongoing search for that significant other is something that occupies acres of real estate in our own lives and the single friends and family who enter our lives, both in person and on social media. Just look at Instagram – every other post is about dating.

Honestly, this conversation is exhausting.

That said, it would seem one of the biggest online dating services in the industry, Match, has created a fresh way to talk about dating with AOR 72andSunny. Their first effort together is insightful, honest and funny, making it Reel Ad of the Week.

Titled ‘Let’s Make Love,’ the campaign enlists the very funny Rebel Wilson (Pitch Perfect, Isn’t it Romantic). She hosts a podcast-like show where she puts bad dating behaviors (unsolicited pictures, ghosting, getting “zombied”) on blast while helping daters who are ready for more move on from the frustrations modern dating can bring.

She even discusses the infamous dick pic so many women try to avoid, but still end up as a target.

Directed by Neal Brennan of Caviar, we see Wilson, empowering and optimistic, encourage singles to embrace their feelings, get a heart on, and find love on Match.

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“Dating shouldn’t be a numbers game – or any game at all – it should be about finding your number one partner. So I’m teaming up with Match to start talking about real feelings, real commitment and treating each other like the amazing effing people we are!,” Wilson said.

She adds, “So for all you hopeful daters out there looking for your person, join me in flipping the script on dating today and let’s make love…some real love.”

Adam Szajgin, creative director, 72andSunny Los Angeles, said: “People are ready to make love, but like actual love. We just needed a way to talk about this timeless topic that wasn’t cheesy or sappy. So, we enlisted Rebel Wilson who can say what we’re all feeling about dating in a relatable but ridiculous way, gave her a pretend podcast, and asked her to help people get their heart on.”

“Match has always been about making love – like, real, actual love,” added Ayesha Gilarde, CMO at Match. “In partnership with Rebel Wilson, we are excited to give a voice to the challenges daters face today in a fun and relatable way, all the while encouraging singles to get out there and make some love.”

By using Wilson, the campaign is able to have a conversation with the viewer and potential dater that really hits home in a real and very funny way. This is by far the best and most original campaign Match has done to date.

Client: Match

Agency: 72andSunny Los Angeles

Production: Caviar
   Director: Neal Brennan
   Editorial: Cut+Run
   Editor: Frank Effron

Music: Mean Machine

Post / VFX: The Mission

Source: 72andSunny, Los Angeles

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