Cut+Run’s Oppenheimer edits LA Times campaign

News media and journalism has been at the center of national debate for several years, propelling media companies such as the Los Angeles Times to express the value of trustworthy, fact-based reporting and journalistic integrity to consumers.

Now a new campaign, from the award-winning outlet, speaks to this importance, not only to greater Los Angeles, but also for the state of California and beyond.

Composed entirely from photos and videos shot by The Times award-winning visual journalism staff, the campaign’s title is appropriately called, “The world is Watching.”

We see through the eyes of photographers and the words of experienced reporters a vast array of catastrophic events, community connections, political process, and joyful moments.

This is the first brand campaign since the Los Angeles Times came under private, local ownership more than a year ago. It has since expanded its newsroom, rebuilt its product offerings, and is now focused on growing its digital subscriber base. Watch below:

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While much of U.S. news media is concentrated in an area east of the Potomac roughly the size of Indiana, there’s a whole other world – more than 2,500 miles away – in California.

LA Times is asserting its position “on the west coast…in the center of it all” in a new brand campaign: “The state of what’s next.”

The campaign is composed entirely from photos and videos shot by The Times award-winning visual journalism staff.

Chief Revenue Officer, Josh Brandau
Senior Director of Consumer Marketing: Mariana Rodriguez
Creative Director of Consumer Marketing: Brandon Sides
Cut+Run Editor: Owen Oppenheimer
Lime Studio

SOURCE: Los Angeles Times