King Keraun is Madden 21’s new Spokesplayer

(Meet the new Madden Spokesplayer)

Ready for Mahomes? Ready for Wentz? Ready for Amari Coooooper? Yeah, bet you are. The Reel 360 team, like every football fan, is ready for the NFL. And we’re especially ready for Madden NFL 21. But were we ready for Madden’s Spokesplayer?

Nope. But we like him. 

Working on their third campaign for the popular video game, New York-based agency Johannes Leonardo has created an epic new character to usher in a new generation of NFL gamers and athletes – The Spokesplayer. 

The Spokesplayer’s job is to speak up for this rising generation of athletes and creators so they don’t have to. Whether it’s handling the media or just playing the game of Madden.

Omid Amidi, Creative Director at Johannes Leonardo, talked about the thinking behind the campaign, “For Madden 19 and 20, we created campaigns for the historic franchise that spoke specifically to the evolution of the game and how good it feels to master it. But with Madden NFL 21 being its most progressive and realistic edition yet, we tapped into something entirely new – a campaign not focused on new features but a new generation.”

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You may recognize the Spokesplayer as Keraun Harris, or King Keraun, an actor, comedian and Internet personality who has appeared on HBO’s Insecure and ABC’s Black-ish.

“We created The Spokesplayer—the man who speaks up for those too busy giving us highlights – to give us soundbites, Amidi added. “Not to be confused with a spokesperson or an agent, The Spokesplayer is more like this generation’s Worldwide Wes, but with the gift of gab.”

Keraun seems like the perfect fit for Spokesplayer because he’s an expert in his own right. 

He continued, “A lover of both sport and game, he speaks up so both athletes and players don’t have to. Whether it’s handling the media, calling players during a game to give tips, or simply getting hyped about what’s happening between the hashmarks and the sticks, The Spokesplayer is ushering us into a new era on how we all play football. This isn’t your dad’s Madden Anymore. And with the football season coming up, this definitely won’t be the last you hear of him.”

Like the personality of the Spokesplayer, with this campaign the agency and the brand are ushering in a new vibe and era of how we play football. And it works for the Reel 360 team. Now we need to go play some Madden.

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SOURCE: Johannes Leonardo