Bagel Bites launch first major ad campaign

The Reel 360 team really does love Bagel Bites. It’s something we can all agree on – pizza on a bagel is dope. From the moment the brand arrived in the 90s with its unforgettable jingle, Bagel Bites has always brought an element of fun and lightheartedness to the snacking category.

Now, the brand is back with its first major advertising campaign, the first since the 2000s. Working with creative agency Johannes Leonardo the new campaign is titled, “Pizza on a Bagel – We Can All Agree With That.” 

For the new effort, Leonardo leaned into the angle that the brand has a long history as the unlikely snacking combination that everyone fell in love with – who can say no to pizza on a bagel? – so the agency decided to leverage this universal appeal by playing into contemporary cultural debates.

Kicking off creative development in December 2019, Bagel Bites looked into the many playful conversations driving cultural chatter across America, whether you hang your toilet paper inward or outward, or prefer boxers over briefs.

By speaking to local people – from LA to St. Louis – and digging deep into online communities on YouTube and Reddit, Bagel Bites and Johannes Leonardo unearthed over 60 fun, light-hearted debates that interjects Bagel Bites back into culture and in the midst of these playful conversations, has found a place for the snack brand to belong.

In a series of :15s running on TV and OLV, the campaign showcases animated spots featuring animal and clown characters that discuss some of popular culture’s most playful questions. Chicken or Egg? How should dogs wear pants? Are Unicorns or Ponies better?

There may not be any right answers, but the new creative puts Bagel Bites quite literally in the center as the delicious snack that anyone can agree on. Watch below:

“Bagel Bites was created by bringing two foods together: the pizza and the bagel, to create the beloved and unexpected snack. When we started our new partnership with Kraft-Heinz, we had an opportunity to re-insert the brand back into culture in a fun and unique way,” John Regan, Creative Director, Johannes Leonardo told Reel 360.

The campaign includes Social to prompt conversations on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Snapchat), Film, OOH and pre-roll that will continue through the Fall. 

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“For this campaign, we wanted to see what other pairings we could bring together. We inserted Bagel Bites into some of today’s most lighthearted debates – like how dogs should wear pants, or pop vs soda? But pizza on a bagel, that’s something we can all agree with. That’s where the campaign idea was born,” Regan added.

Johannes Leonardo won the account at the end of 2019 and has been steadily working on the account during the entire course of 2020. In addition to Bagel Bites, the agency is leading creative across Velveeta, Classico and Ore-Ida Frozen Potatoes.

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We can all agree. Bagel Bites and the new campaign from Johannes Leonardo is tasty.

SOURCE: Johannes Leonardo