From prisoner to director, the story of A.R. Hilton

Writer/director A.R. Hilton will debut his first feature film at American Film Market on November 9th, 2019.

Anonymous Killers is described as an “ode to the U.S. Justice system through the eyes of a previously incarcerated man who spent the majority of his adult life behind bars in one of New York’s most notorious prisons.”

Hilton’s project succeeds a short film and published work about the struggles of young black males and the choices formed in an urban environment of drugs, violence and poverty in the 80’s.

The film, which was shot 35mm, is about a dark scholarly figure who abducts college professor, Curtis Tiddleman, and accuses him of being a killer. Now forced to stand in vigilante judgment, Tiddleman’s life is in the hands of his fellow captives, four killers who will decide each other’s fate in a deadly trial by true peers.

Anonymous Killers TRAILER from Boston Dutch Productions on Vimeo.

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The film was completed in 2019 and marks the 12-year anniversary of Hilton being released from prison after 18 years.

For Hilton, Anonymous Killers not only represents a life changed for the better, but also illuminates an example for those still in confinement, that the creation and emergence of a new life can begin long before their sentence ends.

Reel 360 hopes the film finds a home at AFM.

The AFM will take place from November 6 (the day I met my wife) to November 13 at the Loews Hotel, Fairmount Hotel, Le Merigot, as well as other venues around Santa Monica. It’s still possible to pick up a badge here.

SOURCE: Amirah Films