Kia releases Super Bowl teaser for 2021 Seltos SUV

Yesterday, we reported on Kia’s use of the Super Bowl to bring awareness and to youth homeless under the #GiveitEverything . Now, we have a new teaser to talk about for the upcoming big game from creative partner, David&Goliath. The spot, introducing, the all-new Kia 2021 Seltos SUV, features a strong and determined young boy, no more than 10 years old.

Titled, “I Run For,” we open as our young hero enters a room teeming with journalists, flooded in a sea of flash bulbs and shutters. After making his way to the podium, he looks out across the assembled crowd and says, “First question.” A reporter quickly replies, “What keeps you going out there?”

Seems innocuous enough. But for the boy, the question clearly has hidden meaning. After a moment of reflection, he responds. With a clarity of purpose few 10-year-olds have. Watch the teaser directed by Serial Pictures John Hillcoat below:

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“At the heart of our “Give It Everything” philosophy is a spirit that doesn’t know quit,” said David Angelo, founder and creative chairman of David&Goliath. “This teaser illustrates that spirit and how a little hope and resilience can help you achieve anything. It sets the tone for not just a Super Bowl spot but a Super Bowl conversation.”

Scheduled to air in the third quarter, Kia’s 60-second spot focuses on overcoming adversity to achieve the impossible dream. And the hardscrabble journey at the center of the story inspired Kia to establish the “Yards Against Homelessness” charitable initiative as a continuation of its “Give It Everything” brand personality.


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SOURCE: David&Goliath