Keegan Michael Key gets “Marie Kondo’d” in Google One campaign

(Courtesy Omelet)

Google One’s latest consumer marketing campaign stars Hollywood A-Lister Keegan Michael Key and tidying-expert Marie Kondo. It’s our REEL AD OF THE WEEK.

Google One is a membership that offers expanded cloud storage across Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos, plus premium features like a VPN for added security.

The campaign, which launched on August 16 and was executed by Omelet, was born out of a real consumer need — people wanted help “Marie Kondo-ing” their digital lives.  Google One listened to consumers and partnered with Marie Kondo to  show users how they can use Google One to keep all their memories that “spark joy” safe and secure in the cloud.

With the help of Keegan Michael Key and Marie Kondo, Google and Omelet brought Google One to life, showing it as a physical space, and the impact and peace of mind that effective digital organization can bring to our everyday lives.

Kondo and Key were the perfect juxtaposed duo to bring this work to life. Key brings the humor and an unwillingness to part with files (relatable) and reassuring Kondo shares her decluttering expertise, and the good news that with Google One, he won’t have to part with any precious files, photos, or emails. Watch below:


“This secret to this campaign was collaboration. The creative team came to us with an incredible idea, and from there on out the line between Google, talent, production and our team was near invisible, which made for a smoother process, better work, and more fun (which shows in the work),” shares Josh Smutko, Group Creative Director, Omelet

The campaign successfully speaks to Google users in need of extra digital storage, like those of us who are consistently at 99% storage capacity (*The Reel 360 News team raise hands*). And it’s really, really fun.

Kondo and Key will also be amplifying the campaign through their personal social media channels.


CLIENT: Google

AGENCY: Omelet


DirectorTerri Timely

EDIT: HutchCo

Editor: Jim Hutchins

VFX: ArtJail



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