It’s Santa Night Fever as John Travolta stars in Capital One spot

Capital One
(John Travolta is Santa)

You should be shopping yeah! Shopping yeah! That’s the message of this holiday-themed commercial that hits the right note and moves for Capital One.

Hollywood legend John Travolta steps back into the shoes of his iconic character, Tony Manero, from the classic film Saturday Night Fever. This time, Tony Manero gets a festive makeover as Santa Claus, grooving to the Bee Gees’ Stayin’ Alive and spreading yuletide cheer with a dash of disco flair in a 60-second.

Directed by Bryan Buckley of Hungry Man and crafted by agency GSD&M, this minute-long ad captures the essence of the season with a touch of disco flair.

The commercial kicks off with the familiar beats of Stayin’ Alive as Travolta transforms into Santa Claus, strutting down the street with the unmistakable swagger of Tony Manero. Complete with a paint can and a gold “St. Nick” medallion, Santa Travolta embarks on a holiday shopping spree.

In a humorous nod to modern times, Santa Travolta uses his Capital One Quicksilver card to make cashless purchases, including cookies, stylish shoes courtesy of Fever actress Donna Pescow, and a disco ball tree ornament. The commercial playfully notes that Santa earns 1.5% cash back on every purchase with the Capital One Quicksilver card.

Santa Travolta’s festive journey includes a dazzling wardrobe upgrade and a pitstop at a dance club for a glass of milk. True to his character, he hits the dance floor, showcasing the signature moves that made Tony Manero a cultural icon. Watch below:


The ad not only embraces the holiday spirit but also pays homage to Travolta’s career-defining role in Saturday Night Fever, released in December 1977. The film catapulted him to superstardom and earned him an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor in a Leading Role.

This isn’t Travolta’s first reprisal as he brought back memories of Grease last year in a T-Mobile Super Bowl spot.

Saturday Night Fever remains a cultural touchstone, with the film added to the U.S. National Film Registry in 2010 for its cultural, historical, and aesthetic significance. The soundtrack, featuring six tracks by the Bee Gees, continues to be one of the most iconic film soundtracks, boasting global sales of over 40 million copies.

Travolta’s reprisal of Tony Manero as Santa Claus for Capital One’s festive ad is a heartwarming blend of holiday cheer and cinematic nostalgia. The commercial not only celebrates the enduring legacy of Saturday Night Fever but also adds a touch of disco magic to the festive season, reminding audiences of the iconic moves that once lit up the disco dance floors.


BRAND: Capital One


  • EVP Chief Creative Officer: Jay Russell
  • Chief Brand Officer: Marc Mentry
  • MVP Advertising & Media: Daniel McCaskey
  • VP Brand Advertising: Malcolm Simpson
  • Director Brand Advertising: Kim Bock
  • Senior Manager Brand Advertising: Annalee Barkstrom
  • Manager Brand Advertising: Colin Geoghegan
  • VP Brand Content & Social Marketing: Ben Freidson
  • Director Brand Social Media & Content: Sherry Roper
  • Senior Manager Social & Content Strategy: Bridgette Beyer
  • Principal Associate Social & Content Strategy: Erika Bush
  • SVP Group Creative Director: Ryan Carroll
  • SVP Group Creative Director: Scott Brewer
  • Creative Director/Writer: Brandon Curl
  • Creative Director/Art Director: Dale Austin
  • Executive Producer: Jon Ellis
  • SVP Managing Director: Nancy Ryan
  • VP Account Director: Jodi Bucciarelli
  • Account Supervisor: Ben Weber
  • Account Manager: Kendall Heath


  • Director: Bryan Buckley
  • Managing Partner/Executive Producer: Caleb Dewart
  • Partner/Executive Producer: Kim Dellara
  • Head of Production: Marian Harkness
  • Line Producer: Matt Lefebvre
  • Production Supervisor: Will Vudmaska
  • Assistant Production Supervisor: Dahly McCormick
  • Talent Coordinator: Teresa Mendoza
  • 1st AD: Craig Owens
  • 2nd AD: Jimmy Ramirez
  • 2nd AD: Michael Dudley
  • Director’s Assistant: Tate Kuelling
  • Director of Photography (DOP): Scott Henriksen
  • Steady Camera: Chris Cunningham
  • 1st AC – A Cam: Dennis Lynch
  • 2nd AC – A Cam: Jay Hardie
  • 1st AC – B Cam: Scott Garrison
  • 2nd AC – B Cam: Emily Zenk
  • Production Designer: David Skinner
  • Art Director: Ivan Fraser
  • Art Dept Coordinator: Shaun Viola
  • Set Decorator: Ashley Campanella
  • Prop Master: Jon Moberg
  • Assistant Props: Tony Alexander
  • Lead Set Dresser: Larry Azarva
  • On-Set Dresser: Brian Tenzca

POST: Cabin Edit

  • Editorial (Cabin Edit): Adam Becht
  • Senior Producer: Mary Stasilli
  • Editor: Andrew Ratzlaff

VFX: The Mill

  • Creative Director – John Leonti
  • Senior Producers – Heather Johann and Kayli Ennis

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