International editor D’Aguiar joins Nomad

(Rami D’Aguiar joins Nomad in LA today)

Today, editing post house Nomad announced the addition of Rami D’Aguiar to the their already respected roster. Lauded for his work with iconic brands like Pepsi, Ubisoft, and Nike, D’Aguiar’s reel is anchored by a sharp, striking editorial style that elevates the huge, cinematic visuals of every project he’s undertaken. “I’m passionate about visual storytelling in the advertising industry,” he explains.

Before joining Nomad, D’Aguiar amassed several awards and nods for his most notable pieces. He has been shortlisted twice for Best Editor at the shots Awards, won Best Editor at WHEXT, and has also won awards at Cannes, Clio, D&AD, El Ojo, and Ciclope.

“I always want to tell a good story and play with the audience’s feelings. If I can get any kind of good reaction, the job is complete,” D’Aguiar told Reel 360. This passion for storytelling drew him to Nomad Editing Company, as well as a strong, immediate connection to the company’s core ideas and values. The artist elaborates, “I was attracted to Nomad because it is an extremely creative shop where I’ll be able to tell stories globally.”

Nomad is equally thrilled to bring the prestigious editor onto their tight-knit creative team. “Rami’s ability to craft cinematic stories and to build emotion is special,” notes Partner/Editor Jai Shukla. “I’m thrilled to welcome Rami to the Nomad family.”

D’Aguiar is a frequent creative partner of director Vellas of PRETTYBIRD, having collaborated on the Ubisoft spot “Ghost Recon” and Renault Stepway spot “Spy,” which won Gold at El Ojo for Editing.

His creativity does not end at editing, however — D’Aguiar is also a founding partner at award-winning Brazil-based gin brand AT FIVE London Dry Gin.

Nomad’s addition comes on the heels of D’Aguiar’s Inertia City short which depicts the far-reaching societal harm of Sāo Paulo’s high levels of pollution and traffic. The piece was brought to life for Google, the United Nations, and the Tribeca Film Festival’s ‘#GlobalGoals’ film series. Watch below:

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“In addition to his incredible body of work, I love the fact that he’s trilingual and can easily edit out of any of the Nomad offices,” says Partner/Executive Producer Jennifer Lederman. “Rami has a place in LA, he works in NYC, he has a home in Brazil. He’s just used to the culture of editing where needed.” 

“We’re thrilled to welcome Rami, and we’re excited about the future,” adds Nomad London Executive Producer/Partner Liv Lawton. “Rami embodies Nomad’s internationalism. And our colorist, Felipe Szulc, is pleased to have a fellow Brazilian on board!”

D’Aguiar’s trilingual perspective  — he is fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese — and wealth of expertise will be a valuable asset for Nomad as it develops virtual tools to accommodate its global clients. At the start of the pandemic, Nomad provided its editors with software for real-time video editing sessions with clients in any part of the world.

D’Aguiar raves about the process, saying, “Although we cannot be in a room with our clients, we can still have virtual editing sessions. That’s been really successful in helping the editor to stay connected with the director and the agency team throughout the post process.”

Partner Glenn Martin emphasized Nomad’s new worldwide abilities. “Although we have offices around the world, we are a small, nimble and tight-knit group. Rami is a wonderful addition to our family.  Not only is he talented, he’s also very funny and approachable — he’s someone you just want to hang out with.”

In addtion, Martin shared, “And, it is always inspiring to meet someone who shares your passion for the work. Even before COVID, we had developed remote and international workflows that allowed us to collaborate with great talent throughout the world.” He continues, “Rami is a further extension of what we consider the great strength of Nomad, the people.”

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Reel 360 wishes Rami the best of luck in his new adventure at Nomad.

SOURCE: Trust Collective