Inspiration unites in new Dickies campaign from Sid Lee

As part of Dickies’ commitment to championing the dignity of work, the global workwear brand has launched its first ever multimedia marketing campaign on a global scale.

Dickies partnered with global creative agency Sid Lee to produce United by InspirationUnited by Dickies which will launch through a multi-platform marketing campaign that personifies makers.

Building upon Dickies’ 2019 North American Yours to Make campaign, which celebrates those who love what they do and take pride in their work, United by Inspiration, United by Dickies brings to light a new normal during the pandemic – although communities are apart, makers continue to shape the future together through action, work and creative expression.

This digital-first, maker-generated content campaign features Dickies’ global community of makers from traditional artisans to culture-drivers in art, music and skateboarding.

The campaign features 10 makers juxtaposing their work or passion, global locations and how each maker inspires another. The campaign features: Angelique Taylor and Kip Ritchey, American urban and rural farmers; Klipper Kem, British barber; Johannes Rathmann, German builder; Kate Duncan, Canadian furniture maker and designer; Favour Jonathan, British multidisciplinary artist; David Madero, Mexican metal sculptor; Ma Xiaolong, Chinese dancer and choreographer; Rob Maxfield, British stonemason; and Allysha Le, American professional skateboarder and member of the Dickies Skateboarding team.

Dickies’ Eisenhower Jacket will serve as a canvas for each maker and is featured throughout the campaign. Created in the late 1940s the Eisenhower’s simple, iconic silhouette features an easy to spot zip closure and pressed collar which are universally recognizable.

“We’ve made a deliberate effort to feature real workers inspiring one another with their creativity and work ethic,” said Dickies Global Brand President, Denny Bruce. “We’re showing that all around the world makers are shaping this cultural moment in time through action, through work and through creativity and in that, they are never alone.” Watch below:

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“Our goal was to capture makers in an authentic way, in their studios around the world doing the work,” said Mariota Essery, Executive Creative Director, Sid Lee. “We wanted the storytelling to reflect how they’re working in this moment. Dickies wearers are a global tribe and though they speak many languages, and we had multiple translators on this shoot, they are inspired by each other.”

With global restrictions around capturing makers, the campaign creative – shot by the makers themselves and through Zoom video and film technology – used framing, splitting and stitching together layers of each makers story to include portraits, candid-like action of their craft, and environmental film through the eyes and hands of Dickies’ makers.

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The campaign is currently running on global digital, social, connected TV.

SOURCE: Dickies