Imvexxy changes how we view menopause

(Beautiful new spot from McCann New York)

Menopause. The last great societal stigma of a woman’s life. Not only do people not like to discuss it. Often times doctors won’t address it or give it the time it deserves. And even menopausal women themselves suffer in silence through its painful symptoms.

With the new campaign, Long May She Reign, TherapeuticsMD, Inc. is introducing menopausing women to IMVEXXY, an estrogen vaginal insert that can relieve moderate to severe painful sex due to menopause.

And the best way to tackle an ignored medical issue and underserved population of patients is to stop the stigma in its tracks. Be bold about the fact that women over 50+ years old are vibrant and in control of their lives. Talk about the problem, and more importantly, the solution, in empowering ways that recontextualize what a menopausal woman looks, acts and feels like in 2021.

And finally do all of this by adhering to the constraints of a traditional pharma campaign, created by McCann New York, while creating something that is anything but. Watch the beautiful spot directed by Hungary by Ivan Stoji below:

“Our goal with the “Long May She Reign” campaign is to help to break the stigma around menopause and encourage women to speak up about their symptoms. We created this beautiful campaign for IMVEXXY (estradiol vaginal inserts) to ensure women’s vaginal health is given the attention it deserves,” said Roz Silbershatz Tomάs, Director, Consumer Marketing, TherapeuticsMD

This is “Long May She Reign.” A world where the menopausal vagina is Queen. And IMVEXXY is her ally, so she can conquer the bedroom for the rest of her reign.

The “Reign” advertising campaign is debuting in Q2 2021 and will appear on social and digital properties where women are already seeking health information.


CLIENT: TherapeuticsMD, Inc.

  • Dawn Halkuff, Chief Commercial Officer
  • Kristen Landon, VP of Marketing
  • Erika Guay, Senior Director, Brand Marketing
  • Roz Silbershatz Tomas, Director, Brand Marketing

AGENCY: McCann New York

  • Darla Price, EVP, Executive Account Director
  • Lea Mastroberti, SVP Group Account Director
  • Dana Markiewicz, Account Director
  • Rachel Wexler, Account Supervisor
  • Lydia Dembert, Assistant Account Executive
  • Maru Kopelowicz, EVP, Executive Creative Director
  • Armando Flores, SVP Group Creative Director
  • Sara Worthington, SVP Group Creative Director
  • Adam Koehler, Creative Director
  • Mikey Harmon, Associate Creative Director
  • Margaret Webber, Senior Copywriter
  • Dina Zolan, Senior Art Director
  • Anna Andreis, SVP Group Strategy Director
  • Whitney Bryan, VP Director, Communications Strategy 
  • Claire Stewart, Senior Strategist
  • Nallely Ramirez, Digital Project Manager
  • Lauren Bauder, Integrated Producer
  • Wilmien Blake, SVP, Director of Business Affairs


  • Ivan Stoji, Director
  • Osei Kakari, Executive Producer
  • Linda Kattam, Managing Director
  • Paul Papanek, Line Producer
  • Aleksander Kosutic, Director of Photograpy
  • Lou Escobar, Photographer


  • Patricia D’Intino, Service Producer

FILM COLORIST: Marina Starke 

VFX COMPANY: Spring Onion Studio (Belgrade, SRB) 


MUSIC COMPANY: Duotone Audio Group 

  • Composer – Jordan Lieb 
  • Executive Producer – Ross Hopman 
  • Senior Producer – Gio Lobato 

MIX STUDIO: Sonic Union 

Engineer – David Papa 


  • Corina Dennison, Executive Producer
  • JK Carrington, Editor